CeBIT Australia - SEO Presentation

Friday, 11 May 2007

The annual CeBIT Australia event took place in Darling Harbour on the 2nd of May 2007. Even if the focus was highly technological. There were still a couple of good presentations on PPC and SEO.

A good one, was from Jeremy Bolt from Bruce Clay Australasia. Jeremy clearly defined some of the best practices (White hat) on the market in terms of SEO and especially link building

The importance of planning the link building strategy focusing on quality websites with relevant content instead of acquiring a lot of links from poor sources. The bad effect of link buying ( I am more cautious on this affirmation. He also emphasized the importance of link distribution among sources and the growth rate, which is often under-estimated. Building 10 000 links of poor quality in 2 days will be good for a couple of months, but if nothing happen then all the efforts will be gone.

The following quote from Jeremy really illustrates it:

Link Spam and you eat for the day.... Link Plan and you eat for your life !

Good on ya Jeremy !