Found Agency: Online Crisis Management

Monday, 14 May 2007

The Found Agency story keeps on spreading out (moderately) in the blogs, forums and online press. I was surprised not to see any reactions from Found Agency itself, but things are changing and it seems that the Online Reputation Management machine is now running .
Indeed some kind of online PR is on!
Some articles with from CQ Extra:
Google the poodle, Found the great dane ?
Online PR from The Found Agency or simply a coincidence... I doubt it! This article is brilliantly written with a great style, and a way of turning bad news into a miracle. The journalist, Alex Ternowetsky, demonstrates without really proving anything, that the Found Agency guys are actually the smart people that can take Google down...

The best is this quote :

'And now the fate of the worldwide web depends upon whether Found Agency elects to view Google as a duplicitous and deadly king, or as a little wee poodle, placidly sniffing the flowers, waving her cute little behind in Found's face ...'

I doubt that the fate of the online web will depend on the Found Agency. Even if they are skilled professionals, they still made a fundamental mistake of playing against the rules of Google.
As Alex wrote in the article and I totally agree with him. Google is just a website, which cannot ban anyone from the Internet. However Google has the highest market share in the search engine market , which in other words mean ignoring Google is ignoring the market. Google's monopolistic position ( sounds like Microsoft and Window) gives them the ability to rule the game.. It is sad, but that is life and that the rule of business.

If Found Agency knew the rules and if they were smart, they would not have made those mistakes. Their approach was grey hat at a time it is now black hat and they have been penalised ! As professionals dealing with major clients, they cannot afford making those mistakes and using those practices. Being smart, would have been to anticipate the changes.
From a client perspective, would you be happy to learn that the company responsible for managing the search engine optimisation of your website has demonstrated that they don't know the rules... I would be pretty scared, and even if they did a great job in previous projects, I would have some doubts about their practices and what could happen to my website..

Anyway this article is a bit too much! However, it could well contribute to a great online crisis management. As suggested in some forums. Found Agency might be the winner of this game if they are smart. The buzz around them will probably generate a lot of articles about them and probably some links in search engine optimisation related contents. Promoting those contents through social marketing websites could generate a large amount of 'legitimate' links (this time) in relevant content, which could contribute to have a great impact on their way back to the top of the rankings... Lets check that in the next couple of weeks.