Found Agency : Sounds like the ENRON story

Friday, 11 May 2007

The drop of Found Agency ranking is creating a real buzz in the Sydney SEO industry, and sounds a little bit like the Enron story ( on a different scale and on different level of course). However there is another article about the story from the Australian:
Google penalises 'black hat' tactics

This media buzz seems to have created a 'wind of panic' in the Found Agency headquarters as they have published a statement on their website affirming that they have not been black listed by Google.... which sounds true as they are back in the ranking ( They were though for a day).

The Found Agency reaction is quite interesting and their efforts to get back on track to avoid losing the face are paying, as they are back on the 36 position for search engine optimisation... Proxy SEO to manage the crisis? grey hat strategy this time ? Who knows ?