Marketing recruits to be trained as SEO consultants

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

It is a bit old, but can still provide useful information.


New marketing and IT positions for up to $350,000 per year are opening up in Australia to meet companies' demand for high rankings on Google, according to national newspaper the Australian.

Those with marketing talent and technological skills are being recruited and trained as search engine optimisation (SEO) consultants to improve companies' positions in search engines results and minimise any negative references to them.

Search engines use software called "bots" to document and catalogue content, so it takes a certain skill to redesign the websites so that the company attracts the attention of bots to give them a higher ranking and this is where the SEO consultants come in.

Zak Asani, director of Sydney SEO firm Found Agency, told the paper: "We had one individual pay $100,000 plus because there was a (press release) about him on the Australian Securities and Investments Commission website that ranked No.2 when you searched for his name.'

SEO consultants and "link monkeys" are needed to rewrite web page content and generate additional links to clients' sites, preferably obtaining links from respected government and education sites.

A Cape Town company, Purple Cow Communications, advertising a vacancy for such a position described this "highly skilled" role as a Pay Per Click Analyst.

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