SEO For Firefox - The SEO Extension

Friday, 29 June 2007

Aaron Wall has released on his website SEO Book one of the best tool for SEO professionals. Nothing exceptional, nothing really new, but as many good products you do not always need to bring new stuff to be useful. And that is what SEO for Firefox is !

What is SEO for Firefox

SEO for Firefox, is an extension or 'add on' that gives more value to Firefox. It allows gathering really useful SEO data in order to analyse an industry or market such as Google Page Rank, Number of Links, Age of the Website, number of .edu links and so on.

As I said nothing new, but the beauty of the product is the fact that you get all those data at the same place and on the spot when you search on Google or Yahoo. Before, it was a real pain to get those data. You had to go to a couple of websites to get this and obviously it took time and therefore money.

Basically this tool is great because it saves you time. Time is what every SEO professionals fight against, and therefore if you can save half an hour that is more time to do something else...

SEO for Firefox vs. SEOMOZ Page Strenght

The Firefox extension is really similar to the SEOMOZ Page Strenght developed by the SEOMOZ crew. Actually it sounds like Page Strenght tools was the muse.

However, they made it much better and much more useful. Whereas you have to go to Seomoz website to use Page Strenght, you do not even need to quit FireFox to check the same information. Even better, all the data collected appears in the SERPs when you search for a keyword. No need to move ! You just get the information you need, when you need it!

The other good thing about this tool compared to SEOMOZPage Strenght is that you get more details about the SEO data you get.

Firefox a good move

Firefox has made a massive move as the Search Engine browser of reference. Indeed, I am pretty sure that the all industry will adopt this tool and will therfore use Firefox (if they do not already do).

Good move for Firefox and great news for every SEO consultants...

Australia Online : The Results

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released today the results of the 2006 census. Among all the great information, there are the latest and probably the most reliable figures on the internet adoption in Australia.

The good news
58% of Australian home have Internet access. So if you are selling online or working in online related marketing, it means that the market is real and therefore you are not wasting your time or worst your money.

ACT has the highest rate of adoption at 71%, whereas Tasmania has the lowest with 52%. In Sydney, 62% of the home have internet access, which is 10% more than the rest of NSW.

The bad news
20% of the Australian population still rely on dial up for internet connection and only 37% have broadband access. Therefore, it might be quite useful to wait a bit before implementing those fancy video ads online if you want to reach the total Australian population.

The Australian government is reacting slowly but surely. Both parties have major broadband projects for 2010, including bilion dollars investment...

Why SEO is more and more important!

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Many major companies in Australia and around the World still have websites that are not rankings in search engines. Many of them are attracting traffic through Paid advertising such as banner or paid search, but they often ignore search engine optimisation.

SEO: A long term investment
SEO's upfront costs are often higher than the cost of PPC advertsing or banner advertising. SEO often also requires making changes in the website structure, which create costs and takes time. Moreover the results of a search engine optimisation projects are not coming straight away, which clash with the short-term vision of marketing manager.

They tend to forget that SEO will bring free qualified traffic over time and especially once it is done, it is for a long time. The upfront costs are higher for sure, but it is a long term investment that will bring a better ROI than any other online marketing tactics.

Search engine users behaviour and SEO
A recent update of the Search engine users behaviour study conducted by Iprospect and JupiterResearch demonstrates than search engines users are more and more likely to visit websites ranked in the first pages of the search engine results.

First Page: 62%
Second Page: 19%
Third Page: 9%
Fourth + pages: 10%

The interesting aspect of the study is to notice that every 2 years, the number of search engine users likely to click to a listing after the first page of the SERP is lower and lower. In other words, most of the traffic is concentrated on the first 2 pages and these figures will probably keep growing over time.

Looking at a medium to long term perspective, it will be more and more important to rank in the first 2 pages in order to benfit from the huge free qualified traffic generated by search engines.

As a results, marketing manager should really re-think their online marketing investment. It might be really useful to cut the cost on PPC and banner advertising, save a bit of their budget and invest it on a valuable SEO project. The benefits might not appear the next day, but in 2 years it will be more profitable tahn any other online marketing campaign.

Discount on Directory

Thursday, 21 June 2007, one of the most respected directory online, offers a 20% discount on new directory submission. The coupon code is : AVIVA.
Instead of paying $199, you will be pay $159. Pretty good !

SEO Manager Position -Sydney

Monday, 18 June 2007

An internet marketing company is looking for a Search Engine Optimisation Manager.

- Driving SEO processes
- Keyword Research
- Audit Report
- Client Management
- Team Management

- 2/3 years SEO exprience
- Background in HTML, PHP, .NET
- Excellent writting skills
- Good management experience

- $60 000 - $70 000 + Super + Bonus
- On going training

If you are interested contact Atomic Recruitment:02 8920 8100 (David)

If you want to publish a SEO job offer, do not hesitate to send me an email with the details of the position

SEO Training by Bruce Clay in Sydney

Friday, 15 June 2007

Bruce Clay, the president of Bruce Clay Inc. himself, will be in Sydney on the 6th, 7th and 8th of August to hold a SEO training as part of its World tour SEO training.

The course is quite expensive: AU$ 2480 for early bird, but it is probably more than useful.

SEO Company News - Found Agency one month after the shock

Mid May 2007: Found Agency lost its Google Rankings

On the second week of May, The Found Agency, a Sydney SEO company, went from the 1st position in Google for the term 'search engine optimisation' to the 60 th position in a couple of days as a result of a penalty by Google for using 'black hat' link building practices.
For the full story: Found Agency black listed by Google

Following that news, a couple of articles florished in Australian newspapers and on the blogosphere. The Found Agency commented on that with a poor PR strategy and the news lost its buzz...

Mid June 2007: A new website, and a serious drop in traffic volume

One month after their cahotic crisis management, the Found Agency comes back with a brand new website. They said goodbye to the yellow background and say hi to their new burgundy one... The website features their case studies for a couple of their clients, the usual content for a well optimised site for search engine marketing ( what is search engine marketing), a glossary and a 'resources' page, which I guess will be useful to build proper fresh links.
The funny thing is the 'in the press' section, which obviously does not refer in any way to the bad press they got a couple of weeks ago... Fair enough, who would not do it anyway.

However another interesting finding is the evolution of their traffic since the upercut from Google. If you ever wonder if being first in the search engine has a strong effect on your traffic, i guess you have the answer. Indeed the graph below shows the average traffic on Found Agency website before (red line) before the drop in the ranking and after (green line). The traffic seriously dropped...

SEO Sydney - Found Agency Traffic

The scary thing however is that Google kept them in the sandbox as the Sydney SEO company does not even rank for their brand name. I am pretty interesting to see what will happen in the next few months.... To be continued.

Freestyle Media bought by Q Ltd

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Freestyle Media has been bought 2 weeks ago by the Australasian interactive media group Q ltd. Freestyle Media is an online marketing agency, which has strong capabilities in search engine optimised websites. The acquisition included $1 362 000 in cash and some shares from the Q group.
The joint managers Fred Schebesta and Frank Restuccia will keep on running the company for at least 3 years.
Freestyle Media will join 3 D Interactive, Mosaic, LMA and First Rate has part of the Q Group.

Free Directory Archive

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

There is a huge list of directory on the website Directory Critic. The website is user friendly and allows you browsing the list according to different categories.

For those in the SEO industry, who need free relevant links for their link building strategy, try the Niche Directories category, they have a list of around 25 free seo-focused directories.

SEO Sydney Blog has also its own list of free directories, including free australian directories.

Discount on Paid Directory Submission

Monday, 4 June 2007

If you have read my previous post about directories submission, and if you are in the process of submitting your website to directories. You are lucky !

Best of the Web, one of the oldest and most relevant directory on the web (highly recommended in a link building strategy) is offering 20 % discount on Directory submission until the end of June.

If you want to take advantage of the offer, submit your website to Best of the Web and enter the following promotion code: BEACHBUM.

Happy Directory submission.

How to use directories in a link building strategy ?

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Directories had a golden age in the 90's, but the evolution of the internet and especially the strong success of Social media websites have undermined their value. Directories are certainly less powerful than before, however avoiding them in your link building strategy is not 100% true as they will bring you success if you use them properly.

Based on my experience, I have described a step by step method that will guarantee results.

Why using Directories for Link Popularity

I am personally a big fan of directories. They are not perfect and could be a lot better, but I have used them in numerous link building strategies, and they have always contributed to increase search engine rankings.

Directories have a certain number of advantages over other link building tactics:

- Directories are still one of the easiest way to acquire links quickly in a relatively cheap manner.
- Directories still contribute to increase your ranking in search engines. Directory submission won't bring you to the top, but they will help you to gain rankings.
- Directories links are permanent. Once they are in, they will stay!
- Directory submission is a painful process, but it is one of the easiest to track.

Select the strongest directories

The first step in getting successful results with directory submission, is to select the directories properly. They are thousands of them on the web, but they do not bring the same value. Indeed many poorly maintained directories do not have all their pages indexed on Google, or worst some of them have their page penalised. Therefore a good selection is the first step to great results.

I have found a great list of strong directory. Based on this list, I have set up a list of criteria, which allow find out the strongest directories:

- The directory home page need a Page Rank of at least 4.
- The page where you link will be need a Page Rank of 2 at least.
- The directory need to have a specific category that describe your activity the best.

The process is a bit long as you will have to go through the list and apply the criteria above. It takes a while, but you end up having a list of directories that will really bring value to your link building strategy.

Create a list of varied anchor text and description

Now that you have your list, you have to think about what you will need to submit. You will need to write:

- A description of your company. The description has to relevant to your services and should not overuse keywords (Spam). It is useful to create a short and long version as some directories only allows 120 characters. Most directories let you write up to 300 characters

- A list of varied anchor text. Anchor text is the text that will be display on your link. It has to be relevant to your business, but also need to be varied. To create the anchor text, use the list of keywords that your website target and create variation of every words. For example if your website sell lamps, use : 'bed side lamp' halogen lamps', `cheap lamps' etc....

Submit your website to directories

The submission process can be long, and a bit annoying, but it is worth. When you submit your links try to follow the instructions below:

- Vary your anchor texts
- Always try to get the best listings. In order words, if the directory offers you a featuredd listing + 5 deep links, always go for it. It is a bit more expensive, but will bring you a lot more value.
- Keep track of your submissions. Using a excel spread sheet or a software specialised in link Building such as Arelis. As most directories have submission delay, it is important to know which on has approved your listing or not.
- Open a Pay Pal account. Doing this will save you a lot of time and will make the submission process a lot easier. indeed most diretories use Pay Pal payment system.
- Do not over-submit. If you website is less than a year old, you might take it easy and only submit 30 links a week. If your website is older go for 60.

Monitor your succes

That is the best part of the process! After the subsmission process wait for a least 4 weeks and check your rankings. You should have gain a lot of positions for the keywords you used in your anchor texts.