Australia Online : The Results

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released today the results of the 2006 census. Among all the great information, there are the latest and probably the most reliable figures on the internet adoption in Australia.

The good news
58% of Australian home have Internet access. So if you are selling online or working in online related marketing, it means that the market is real and therefore you are not wasting your time or worst your money.

ACT has the highest rate of adoption at 71%, whereas Tasmania has the lowest with 52%. In Sydney, 62% of the home have internet access, which is 10% more than the rest of NSW.

The bad news
20% of the Australian population still rely on dial up for internet connection and only 37% have broadband access. Therefore, it might be quite useful to wait a bit before implementing those fancy video ads online if you want to reach the total Australian population.

The Australian government is reacting slowly but surely. Both parties have major broadband projects for 2010, including bilion dollars investment...