SEO For Firefox - The SEO Extension

Friday, 29 June 2007

Aaron Wall has released on his website SEO Book one of the best tool for SEO professionals. Nothing exceptional, nothing really new, but as many good products you do not always need to bring new stuff to be useful. And that is what SEO for Firefox is !

What is SEO for Firefox

SEO for Firefox, is an extension or 'add on' that gives more value to Firefox. It allows gathering really useful SEO data in order to analyse an industry or market such as Google Page Rank, Number of Links, Age of the Website, number of .edu links and so on.

As I said nothing new, but the beauty of the product is the fact that you get all those data at the same place and on the spot when you search on Google or Yahoo. Before, it was a real pain to get those data. You had to go to a couple of websites to get this and obviously it took time and therefore money.

Basically this tool is great because it saves you time. Time is what every SEO professionals fight against, and therefore if you can save half an hour that is more time to do something else...

SEO for Firefox vs. SEOMOZ Page Strenght

The Firefox extension is really similar to the SEOMOZ Page Strenght developed by the SEOMOZ crew. Actually it sounds like Page Strenght tools was the muse.

However, they made it much better and much more useful. Whereas you have to go to Seomoz website to use Page Strenght, you do not even need to quit FireFox to check the same information. Even better, all the data collected appears in the SERPs when you search for a keyword. No need to move ! You just get the information you need, when you need it!

The other good thing about this tool compared to SEOMOZPage Strenght is that you get more details about the SEO data you get.

Firefox a good move

Firefox has made a massive move as the Search Engine browser of reference. Indeed, I am pretty sure that the all industry will adopt this tool and will therfore use Firefox (if they do not already do).

Good move for Firefox and great news for every SEO consultants...