Why SEO is more and more important!

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Many major companies in Australia and around the World still have websites that are not rankings in search engines. Many of them are attracting traffic through Paid advertising such as banner or paid search, but they often ignore search engine optimisation.

SEO: A long term investment
SEO's upfront costs are often higher than the cost of PPC advertsing or banner advertising. SEO often also requires making changes in the website structure, which create costs and takes time. Moreover the results of a search engine optimisation projects are not coming straight away, which clash with the short-term vision of marketing manager.

They tend to forget that SEO will bring free qualified traffic over time and especially once it is done, it is for a long time. The upfront costs are higher for sure, but it is a long term investment that will bring a better ROI than any other online marketing tactics.

Search engine users behaviour and SEO
A recent update of the Search engine users behaviour study conducted by Iprospect and JupiterResearch demonstrates than search engines users are more and more likely to visit websites ranked in the first pages of the search engine results.

First Page: 62%
Second Page: 19%
Third Page: 9%
Fourth + pages: 10%

The interesting aspect of the study is to notice that every 2 years, the number of search engine users likely to click to a listing after the first page of the SERP is lower and lower. In other words, most of the traffic is concentrated on the first 2 pages and these figures will probably keep growing over time.

Looking at a medium to long term perspective, it will be more and more important to rank in the first 2 pages in order to benfit from the huge free qualified traffic generated by search engines.

As a results, marketing manager should really re-think their online marketing investment. It might be really useful to cut the cost on PPC and banner advertising, save a bit of their budget and invest it on a valuable SEO project. The benefits might not appear the next day, but in 2 years it will be more profitable tahn any other online marketing campaign.