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Friday, 27 July 2007

Search engine optimization and search engine marketing offers great opportunities to market a business, however it is important to find out which one is the most suitable in terms of results and return on investment. SEO Sydney has already made a comparison of both search alternatives.

An Arizona SEO agency has also developed a 5 part SEO/SEM guide which explains in a simple but exhaustive manner the benefits and main advantages of each alternative. The SEO guide takes you through the most important concepts you need to know about search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

The first lesson helps you with the keyword research. The guide describes how to select the most important keywords for your business and also provides you with free tools to conduct the research such as Wordtracker.

The guide also explains the on-page factors. This part is actually quite interesting as it covers the most important concept to make sure that the page of your website will rank high in search engines for the targeted keywords.

The off-page factors are explained in section three, which also suggests how to improve the link popularity of your website. The number and the quality of links pointing to your website is an important factor used by search engines to rank websites. The guide suggests innovative and cost-effective strategies such as the use of social bookmarking websites for link building.

There are many SEO/SEM guides on the internet, some of them are useful, but most of them are just repeating what everyone knows already and do not always bring value. The SEO guide developed by this Phoenix SEO company is quite exhaustive and brings up-to-date information. The approach is simple and well-structured which really helps understanding what to expect from search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

SEO Job - Senior Search Engine Specialist (SEO/SEM)

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

ONLINE –Senior Search Engine Specialist – SEO / SEM DIGITAL

Do you possess experience in the SEO / SEM field & now are looking for the next step in your career?

We are currently recruiting for a Senior Search Engine Specialist who comes from EITHER a SEM or SEO background.

As a Senior Search Engine Specialist you will oversee the SEM / SEO operations for the existing agency clients and also assist in the pitching for new business. You will be the Search champion, and will be supported by a Regional team of Search professionals.

Your day to day duties will include the management and optimisation of both Paid Search and Search Engine Optimisation programmes for clients, taking day-to-day responsibility for their operation and managing them to meet clients' performance targets.

You will plan, execute, analyse and optimise clients' paid search campaigns; analyse and optimise client websites, making recommendations to increase search engine traffic through improved organic search engine visibility.

Previous experience with search engine marketing tools would be highly regarded.

What you do need – is real passion about search be it SEO or SEM, and possess strong analytical and communication skills.

If you consider yourself a tad too senior for these roles and you are a Search Guru then we would love to hear from you as we have we have a number of other opportunities.

We are also open to talking to experienced ONLINE professionals who would now like to transition into the specialist Search area.

Please forward your application to or call Andrea on 02 9818 3383.

How to find your SEO Job in Australia

Monday, 23 July 2007

Finding a SEO Job in Australia is not hard at all. The search industry is booming. According to Frost & Sullivan (Jan 2007) Australian companies are predicted to spend over $975 Milion in online advertising spend... SEO Companies are activelly recruiting , and the salaries are growing...

Maximising your opportunities to find the best SEO jobs requires applying your knowledges of search...

Classified websites

There are a lot of classified websites, which display SEO jobs advertisement. The most famous in Australia is Seek. There are a lot of ads regularly updated. This is a good option to find a job, but the competition is fierce. Alternatively MyCareer offers a large number of ads as well. Do not forget to look up Gumtree, which has SEO ads sometimes.

SEO Companies

You best chance to find your job is to contact the Australian SEO companies directly. Most of them are recruiting constantly and have ads on their websites. They are pretty easy to find, just type 'search engine optimisation' on Google and you will find a lot of them if you keep on going down the result pages.
Most Australian SEO companies are middle size and will be really reactive to reply.

Specialised Recruitment Agencies

Some recruitment agencies are specialised in SEO/SEM jobs. They regularly have SEO jobs offers and are often looking for new experienced candidats. The most popular in the SEO industry is LaVolta. They offers recruitment services for big internet companies as well as small size online marketing agencies. SEO Sydney regularly posts SEO job ads from LaVolta so if you want to be regularly updated, subscribe to our feed.
Click on the link for more information on the SEO Recruitment agencies in Australia

As I said the market is growing and the number of qualified SEO is limited, so if you have 2/3 years SEO/SEM experience, it won't be long before you get your first job...

New Search Engines: Is SEO under threat ?

The search engine world is changing quickly! While an handful number of search engines are gathering 97% of the search engine market. Many small search engines are trying to challenge the major players with new searching technology.

PowerSet: Natural Language

Powerset is one of those new search engines trying to break through. Powerset has been developped by the PARC (Xerox's Palo Alto Research center), which contributed to major computer based innovations. Powerset search technology is based on natural language instead of keyword based. In order words, the search engine aims at understanding the meaning of the sentence instead of just matching the keywords.
On top of that, Powerset features a user based evaluation technology, which will take into account the search engine users opinions to evaluate the relevancy of the results.


IRazoo is another new comer from Houston. IRazoo aims at exploiting the search engine users ability to evalate Results relevancy. It is therefore a mix of keywords based search engine with a user feedback. Search engines 'voters' will help to rank results. A website which has a lot of vote will be highly ranke, whereas a website with bad votes will drop... Search engine users are encouraged to vote thanks to 'rewards points that can be redeem...
Even if the idea is interesting, it does souds similar to the Google Page Rank score, with the difference that votes do not come from links but from individulas...

A New Trend

The chance of success of those new search engines are quite low considering the strong domination of Google, Yahoo and MSN; however this trends reflect a need for more relevant search engine results that cannot be tweaked...

If those type of search engines bring their promises in terms of relevance, and therefore capture more search market shares, it is highly likely to have a strong impact on the current way of conducting SEO. Moving from keywords match to natural language based search, will contribute to eliminate the rankings gained thanks to on-site keywords optimisation. Besides the human intervention will contribute to eliminate or partly eliminate the top results generated by black hat, spammy SEO...

The SEO industry will therefore have to evolve to new paradigms...

SEO for Flash Websites

Thursday, 19 July 2007

I have been recently contacted by a Flash developer friend to advise on the search engine optimisation for a Flash website. My first answer was that Flash websites are not search engine friendly. if Google can read some of the content in Flash, it is impossible to optimise the Flash content. As the keywords he want to be ranked for a pretty popular it would be almost impossible to be able to achieve good rankings.

I am asked the question around and search the internet. Most SEO consultants simply turn their back when they hear the words SEO and Flash together. There is a common belief that Flash websites are harldy optimisable. It is actually true, but instead of trying to find solution SEOs (including myself) will recommend to remove the Flash and move to a HTML based website. HTML is the golden child and Flash the delinquant. Based on that many SEOs do not even want to look for more and jsut give up or try to make their client change their way.

Build a HTML and a Flash Website

However, I got really interested in finding a way to make this possible.The first solution I found is to build 2 websites. One in Flash and the other one in HTML. The HTML home page will provide a link to the HTML version, which will be indexed by Google, and one in Flash. However, this solution implies building two websites,which is costly. Moreover, this solution will not be great for Page Rank distribution. I quickly give up with this alternative

Progessive Enhancement

I kept on searching an came up to a blog talking about progressive enhancement. Progressive enhancement is not a new method, but it is often ignored or not explored by SEOs. Progessive enhancement is web development method promoted by the latest web standards. It consists in imporving the user usability by allowing most user to be able to have access to the content of a website.
Back to our case. Following this methodology, you start with your HTML, you can lay out the content as you want using the usual HTML tags. You can also introduce CSS to make it look better. The next step is to introduce the Flash movie using a Java-Script. As Search engines do not read Java-Script, they will skip the Flash file and only index the content from the HTML. On the user side, if he has the right plug-ins, he won't even see the HTML as the Flash will replace the content...

On a SEO point of view, it is possible to optimise the content and Google will index it.. That is it! I definetly recommended this method to my friends and told him to read a great example to make sure to implement the code properly. Nothing is impossible tto optimise :-)

SEO Sydney Blog: Advertising Opportunities

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

SEO Sydney Blog offers innovative and cost-effective advertising opportunities for search engine marketers, seo agencies and recruitment agencies.

SEO Sydney in figures

- 1300 + Unique Visitors/month* growing rapidly
- Highly targeted audience of Australian SEO/SEM professionals.
- Quoted in The Australian
- Google Page Rank 3
- First page ranking in Google for "seo jobs australia" , "seo jobs sydney" "seo blog australia", "seo syndey".

*Source: Google Analytics

Option 1 : Post Advertising

Advertise your latest offers or events on SEO Sydney Blog.
- Cost-effective: Only $35 per post
- Easy: You send us the information, we write the post for you.
- Good for your rankings: The post includes permanent direct links to your website.

Option 2: Post Advertsing + Logo on the Homepage

Advertise your job offer, or event to the Australian SEO professionals with your logo on the homepage for a month and a permanent post on SEO Sydney Blog
- Cost-effective: Only $50 per post + your logo on the homepage for a month.
- Easy: You send us the information, we write the post for you.

Option 3: Banner Advertising

We do offer banner advertising on ad-hoc basis. Please feel free to contact us for more information alban(at)

Search Engine Bootcamp in Melbourne

Monday, 16 July 2007

After a trip in New Zealand, The Search Engine Bootcamp (SEO Training) is having its Melbourne edition on the 9th August 2007 at the Rydges Carlton Hotel.

This edition is a bit special because they have Bruce Clay as a special guest. Bruce Clay will hold a one hour session on SEO, which will definately be worth going. The workshop will also cover the usual SEO and SEM topics.

The price for the Search Engine Bootcamp workshop is $595.00, which includes:

- 1 month free subscription to Trellian Keyword discovery
- Free podcast of the event with speakers note.

Google Algorithm Update

Thursday, 12 July 2007

The SERPs in Google have changed quite a lot in the last couple of days! A number of websites have litteraly disappeared from the top pages,whereas others have jumped to the top... Well it seems that Google has updated their alogrithm or has implemented a big data refresh on the 5th June.

According to Matt Cutts blog, Data refresh should have a low influence on the top results of the SERPs and therefore the changes occured are more likely to be a result of a new Google Algorithm update.

The last one took place Mid May, with a strong focus on backlinks value. However this one seems to give more value to website age. Indeed it seems that this factor receive a lot of weigh. As a result Google will give more value than ever to an old website.

In terms of backlinks, Google has reinforced their ability to evaluate relevant and natural links over low quality and 'artificial' links. Therefore a website with a low volume of relevant link will probably win over a website with a large volume of irrelevant links.

Lastly it seems that Google has given less power to the PageRank...

Some corrections are likely to appear on the weekend and will reveal more on the way Google look at websites...

Negative SEO: Think Outside the Box!

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Your website does not rank for the keywords relevant to your business, your traffic is low... On the other hand your competitor is catching a huge share of your online business as a result of its prime position in the major search engines...

Well you probably need a really need to do some serious search engine optimisation to gain these market shares back. However lets say your competitor has a page rank of 7, a well optimised website, which is 10 years old and a follow a constant link building strategy to maintain is position.

Think outside the box!

The most obvious thing is to try to make you (your website) stronger to beat the competition. However, it sounds a little like breaking a mountain with a hammer type battle. You will spend time and money trying to catch up and it will probably takes a couple of years before you reach a proper level if you ever manage too. Waiting for that time, you will probably keep on losing market shares so that when you will be in a top position, your compititor brand will be well established and therefore customers won't even try your services.

Now if you think about SEO as a way to artificially improve your ranking in search engine, the opposite is true ! If experts can move a website up the ranking with SEO, they could also bring it down. Mastering the rule of search can help saboting a website ranking.

As weird as it sounds, this strategy could the one to get rid of your almighty competitors.

How Negative SEO works

The search engine algorithms monitor links. In a nutshell, the more links, the more your ranking increase. However the Google algorithm is designed to identify spammers by monitoring the origin of links and their quality. Once you website is caught by the Google spam filters, your website is condamned to the supplemental results page and as a result you will disappear from the SERPs and loose your visibility.

Negative SEO follow the same principle, it consists in make the search engine algorithms think your competitor website is a spammer. Sounds simple, but it is not really. Effective negative SEO, will require you to create thousands of 'black hat type links' before any result will appear...

Some professionals charge around $6000/day for these services... so it is not cheap but if it works you can really create some damage. A webmaster said he lost 5 million visitors due to a 'negative seo' attack....

If you are an angry person, who is ready to get into the SERPs war, Negative SEO might be a solution for you (on top of a proper SEO for your website.

SEO Jobs - Average Salaries

Saturday, 7 July 2007

The demand for qualified SEO professionals is booming in Australia. Many agencies are looking for experienced professionals, but cannot find the right people. SEO companies are also forced to advertise jobs targeted at IT professionals or marketing professionals offering them to be trained as SEOs.
Recruitment agencies are also fighting to attract qualified SEO applicants as the offer is limited.

The good thing if you are a SEO consultant is that the salaries are risings. Earlier this year, The Australian has published and article quoting huge salaries for qualified SEO consultants. These figures seem to be a little bit over-exagerated, but they demonstrate that wages are rising in Australia.

Looking at our UK cousin, the same trend can be identified. According to UK IT Jobs Watch the average salary for SEO Professionals has increased by more than 10% in the last 3 months compared to the same period last year. The current salariy is £31,947 per year, which is the highest level since 2004.

Due to the high demand and the strong growth rate of the SEO/SEM industry the salaries are expected to increase at a similar rate in the next 6 months. So if you are considering changing job, do not be shy and negociate...

SEO vs. SEM - Which one to choose from?

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Many marketers and media buyers has demonstrated their preferences for SEM (PPC Advertising) over Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). In June, the Australian has revealed that Paid Search represents around 47% of total advertising spend as a result of a 51% growth rate in the last 3 months.
The frenzy of SEM has contributed to leave SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) behind in the race for online results...

However, is it the right strategy? To answer this question, let's examine both options using the popular

SEO vs. SEM - Generating Traffic

One way of evaluating online marketing initiatives, is to look at their repsective ability to generate traffic.
A study conducted byIProspect has demonstrated that 60.5 % of search engine users find the natural search results more relevant than paid search. If we consider relevancy as the only factor responsible for clicking on a listing ( there are obviously more than one), the natural search, generated by SEO, is highly likely to win the battle. The study also reveals that experienced internet users much prefer natural search.
Another studyby OneUpWeb reveals that search engine users are 6 times more likely to click on natural search than paid search.

For generating traffic, natural search and therefore SEO is the winner

SEO vs. SEM - Generating Sales

Generating sales is what every marketers and webmaster want to achieve and is often the reason for choosing to spend some money on online advertising. To compare both options on their ability to generate sales, lets look at the conversion rate.
A study by WebSideStory has demonstrated that Paid search (SEM) has an average conversion rate (US market for B2C ecommerce websites) of 3.40%, whereas natural search has a conversion rate of 3.13%.
Paid Search is therfore 9% more likely to generate a sales from a visitor than natural search.
No wonder why SEM (Paid Search) is more appealing for marketers...

SEO vs. SEM - R.O.I

Another interesting indicator to look at is the profitability of each alternative. After all, that what it is all about. Looking at the profitability, lets look at costs.
In theory, natural search traffic is free.. it is not really true as SEO has a cost, which should therefore be considered. However SEO is one initial cost that will bring results for many years.

On the other hand, SEM brings paid traffic and sometimes highly expensive traffic. For example in the finance industry in Australia, the average cost per click can easily reach $4 sometimes even more.
The domination of Google over Paid search, also contribute to create a high level of competition and therefore push the prices up.

Let's consider an example:

A company X runs a PPC campaign and brings 2000 visitors a month at a $2.00 CPC. Over 6 months, the company will spend $24,000 on advertising.
Based on the above conversion rate, the company is expected to generate around 408 sales.
If we consider the average order value of $100 the company will generate $40 800 in revenue with a Cost per Sale of 58.8%

The company Z considering SEO, will have to invest around $12 000 for a good seo campaign. If we consider that the SEO is successful, the search engine users are 6 times more likely to click on natural search. Based on paid search figures, the comapny Z should be able to attract 6x more traffic than paid search less just consider X3, which represents around 36 000 visitors. With the conversion rate of 3.13% teh company Z is likely to produce 1126 sales and therefore a revenue of $112
600 with a cost per sale of 10.6 %

No doubt that the SEO win in terms of profitability


SEM might be more profitable in particular industry, where the value of sale is more important. Moreover SEM is still highly popular and results are there. The profitability of SEO also depend on the success of the SEO project and the ability of the website to rank high for high volume keywords.
However, the cost of SEO is way lower in the long term and will therefore prove to be more profitable than SEM.

Both Alternatives should therefore be recommended, but a long term perspective should highly consider SEO as a strategic competitive advantage.

SEO Trainee Job - Sydney

Sunday, 1 July 2007

An Australian search engine optimisation company is looking for a Search Engine Optimisation Trainee to support the existing team. The company does not require you to know everything about SEO as some training will be offered

Key Requirements

The role would suit someone with a good understanding of websites and a passion for the internet. You will have good communication skills; there is a lot of customer contact. You’ll probably be someone who regards themselves as having creative flair, a decision maker and a fun personality. You’ll like meeting people and enjoy talking on the phone.


You will be trained on how to use our internal software plus a few extras such as Google analytics. We would also help you qualify you as a Google AdWord Professional and train you extensively on Search Engine Optimisation tactics.

Career prospects are excellent for the right individual. NetRegistry has a very strong internal promotion culture with all but two of our senior managers and directors recruited from within the ranks. Search Engine Optimisation is a massive growth area on the Internet and your role will develop rapidly. You would certainly be expected to develop skills in Online Advertising, once you have qualified as an AdWords professional.

Our environment is fun and young! We have about 60 staff in our Sydney office, which is a New York style warehouse. The location is near Central Station. Dress is casual.

Salary is c$40,000.
Benefits include Super, gym, parking, bonus, profit share.

Apply for the SEO Trainee position