Google Algorithm Update

Thursday, 12 July 2007

The SERPs in Google have changed quite a lot in the last couple of days! A number of websites have litteraly disappeared from the top pages,whereas others have jumped to the top... Well it seems that Google has updated their alogrithm or has implemented a big data refresh on the 5th June.

According to Matt Cutts blog, Data refresh should have a low influence on the top results of the SERPs and therefore the changes occured are more likely to be a result of a new Google Algorithm update.

The last one took place Mid May, with a strong focus on backlinks value. However this one seems to give more value to website age. Indeed it seems that this factor receive a lot of weigh. As a result Google will give more value than ever to an old website.

In terms of backlinks, Google has reinforced their ability to evaluate relevant and natural links over low quality and 'artificial' links. Therefore a website with a low volume of relevant link will probably win over a website with a large volume of irrelevant links.

Lastly it seems that Google has given less power to the PageRank...

Some corrections are likely to appear on the weekend and will reveal more on the way Google look at websites...