Negative SEO: Think Outside the Box!

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Your website does not rank for the keywords relevant to your business, your traffic is low... On the other hand your competitor is catching a huge share of your online business as a result of its prime position in the major search engines...

Well you probably need a really need to do some serious search engine optimisation to gain these market shares back. However lets say your competitor has a page rank of 7, a well optimised website, which is 10 years old and a follow a constant link building strategy to maintain is position.

Think outside the box!

The most obvious thing is to try to make you (your website) stronger to beat the competition. However, it sounds a little like breaking a mountain with a hammer type battle. You will spend time and money trying to catch up and it will probably takes a couple of years before you reach a proper level if you ever manage too. Waiting for that time, you will probably keep on losing market shares so that when you will be in a top position, your compititor brand will be well established and therefore customers won't even try your services.

Now if you think about SEO as a way to artificially improve your ranking in search engine, the opposite is true ! If experts can move a website up the ranking with SEO, they could also bring it down. Mastering the rule of search can help saboting a website ranking.

As weird as it sounds, this strategy could the one to get rid of your almighty competitors.

How Negative SEO works

The search engine algorithms monitor links. In a nutshell, the more links, the more your ranking increase. However the Google algorithm is designed to identify spammers by monitoring the origin of links and their quality. Once you website is caught by the Google spam filters, your website is condamned to the supplemental results page and as a result you will disappear from the SERPs and loose your visibility.

Negative SEO follow the same principle, it consists in make the search engine algorithms think your competitor website is a spammer. Sounds simple, but it is not really. Effective negative SEO, will require you to create thousands of 'black hat type links' before any result will appear...

Some professionals charge around $6000/day for these services... so it is not cheap but if it works you can really create some damage. A webmaster said he lost 5 million visitors due to a 'negative seo' attack....

If you are an angry person, who is ready to get into the SERPs war, Negative SEO might be a solution for you (on top of a proper SEO for your website.