Free Automotive Directory List

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Free Automotive directory submission can bring a lot of "link popularity" value, if you website is related to the automotive industry including car dealerships, automotive brokers and automotive accessories resellers.

The main advantage of using content-related directories is the value that the backlink will carry. Indeed backlinks from relevant directories (even if they are free) will not only bring the link value, but will also send a signal to Google that you website is related to the automotive industry and that it should be ranked in this vertical.

As mentioned before, free directories are often not enough to dramatically increase your rankings, but they still provide some value. To help you in your link building process, SEO Sydney Blog has created a list of free automotive/car related directories.

Feel free to read our article if you need more information on how to use directories for link building

List of Free Automotive Directory

Simple Motors
I Know Auto
All World Automotive
Auto Market
Tune Auto
Directory Drive
Auto Uanix
Carz Directory
Auto Links
Muscle Car Directory
Truck 9
Auto Guide

Salary for a SEO/SEM Position

To provide more information on the previous article about seo jobs salaries. I have done some research and found a great article on ClickZ dealing with the topic. It is actually an interview. Even if the focus is more US, the content is interesting to get an idea on the average salaries for different SEO roles.

Q. What's considered a typical salary range for non-management and management positions in the SEM industry?

A. I sort of addressed the money question early last year, but that was specific to how much someone could expect to earn in a corporate SEM position. As far as SEM agency salaries go, earning potential is, for the most part, "commensurate with experience." Consequently, many firms seeking SEM professionals don't post salary details in job listings.

Based on information gleaned from the few firms that publish salary ranges in their job openings, several compensation trends appear. An entry-level SEM position tends to range from $30,000 to $45,000, for example. I did come across one firm, though, that sought an SEM marketing analyst for $10 an hour. You had to answer the phones, too.

If you possess three- to five-years experience in the industry, salaries range from $50,000 to $75,000. This includes the majority of the salary information published for online marketing account managers. More tenured, expert-level paid and organic search optimization specialists can garner $75,000 to $90,000 a year.

Senior management salaries tend to range from $70,000 to $120,000, while SEM directors can earn $95,000 to $150, 000. Of the few VP-level positions that post salary ranges, the most common offering is from $100,000 to $200,000 a year.

Compensation plans vary dramatically in the SEM industry, as do the responsibilities that go along with the job. Money isn't everything. It's equally important to enjoy what you do, where you do it, and who you do it for. It's hard to put a price on quality-of-life factors. Take all these things into consideration when determining what your SEM skill set is worth.

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and SEO jobs in Australia

SEO among the Top 100 Online Retailers

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

At the beginning of the month we discussed if SEO is mainstream in Australia. While there is no comprehensive figures to quantify the real state of the SEO market, it seems that SEO is still in the emergence phase.
Internet savvy companies are getting there, whereas traditional businesses still need a kick.

The results of a recent study, which analyses the degree of optimisation of the Top 100 online retailers, demonstrated that 60% of the Top 100 online retailers are considered optimised to well-optimised. The other 40% are considered moderately to not optimised.

Even if the results are arguable, the study demonstrates a good overall level of optimisation among online retailers. However, the study is focused on the top 100 retailers and ignore small websites. As leaders, I would expect the Top 100 to be all optimised, at least a little. An interesting aspect of the study would have been to measure the optimisation among smaller websites.

It would not be surprising to have very different figures for small businesses. Personally, I would suspect that only 20% of small online retailers to be optimised, but feel free to leave your opinions

SEO/SEM Assistant Position

Monday, 27 August 2007

If you are looking for a SEO/SEM position, here is a job for you

A global full-service media company is looking for a search engine marketing assistant. The company is looking for a graduate with little to no experiencein search engine marketing.
The company is ready to provide on-going training.

Key responsibilities

• Responsible for implementation and delivery of paid search campaigns
• Generation of reports for paid search and search engine optimisation campaigns
• Undertake preliminary stages of search engine optimisation projects including analysis and research
• Assist in creation of PowerPoint presentations to support new business proposals

SEO/SEM Skills requirements

• A logically-minded University graduate with a strong analytical focus
• Interest in the Internet / Search Engines
• Fluency in Microsoft Applications (Excel, Word and PowerPoint)
• Excellent communication and language skills
• Desire to learn new skills and technologies
• Any experience with Search Marketing a bonus
• Understanding of HTML and JavaScript a bonus but not a requirement

If you are interested call S2M Digital at 02 9228 9000.

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Discussion on SEO in the Sydney Morning Herald

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

A nice long article from the Sydney Morning Herald about the different aspects of search engine optimisation. The article covers area such as Black hat search engine optimisation and some other necessary evolutions in the industry.

The Sydney Morning Herald has also made a good effort on including Australian SEO professionals.

Digital Media & SEO Recruitment Agencies in Australia

The internet marketing industry in Australia is still young and clear paths to find a job in the SEO industry are not well established yet. It is not always easy to find companies that recruit or to find the specialised recruitment agencies.

To make it easier, we published an article on how to find a SEO job in Australia (Late July 2007). The article provides good resources on where to look for these jobs.

This month, we have gathered a list of recruitment agencies specialised in the digital and interactive media. Even if those agencies are not clearly labeled as 'specialists in SEO Jobs', they often have jobs ads for SEO and search engine marketing jobs.

Recruitment consultants specialising in Media Sales, Advertising, Marketing and Creative Services recruitment and selection roles for the online industry.

Zembi Connect
Progressive Digital Recruitment business with a global approach. Zembi Connect has a significant experience in the Digital space working across creative agency, media, media owners.

Online Recruitment

Our main focus is the supply of talent to clients who demand executives with IT&T and interactive / new media experience.

Aust Corp Consulting
AustCorp Consulting is a specialist recruitment firm that focuses on sales and marketing professionals. We service the Media, Advertising and Online/Digital industry sectors.

Cutting Edge Recruitment
Digital Media Recruitment Company.

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Google vs. Yahoo - Yahoo wins!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

According to the recent American Customer Satisfaction Index Survey Results Yahoo is going up, while Google is going down.

Yahoo beats Google
The ACSI survey aims at measuring the overall customers satisfaction for the services offered by the major search engines. The results show that Yahoo beats Google by one point with respective scores of 79/100 and 78/100.
The comparison against last year results, shows that Yahoo jumped by 4%, whereas Google dropped by 3.7%.

Marketing and Strategic choices are the main issues
The major reasons attributed to the results is the fact that Yahoo tends to provide a better presentation and marketing of their services. Yahoo ahs recently changed its platform and introduced a new search engine marketing platform, whcih it likely to have influenced the results.
However people seem to a bit bored about Google. The search engine page has had the same structure for at least 5 years. The services offered by Google are not clearly presented. Even if Gooogle's products are great, the average users do not perceive the benefits of them... Moreover Yahoo has created a lot of connexion with the social networking media, while Google has not yet proved to be willing to get heavily into that sphere.

In a nutshell, Google appears to be more the 'Geeky-Techy' search engine, while Yahoo is bringing a bit of funkiness in the search engine business... Does not it sounds similar to some other big rivals? Think of Mac and PC ??

Google still dominates the search market
However, Google is still the leader in the search engine business with more than 49.5% of market share in the US market ( around 78% in Australia). Yahoo manages to capture 25.1% of the market, while Ask made a great move with 5% market shares..

15 % Discount on Links

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

If you have ever thought of buying links to increase your search engine rankings results quite quickly, the guys at Text Link Ads can help you with that! They have a large inventory of websites, where you can add your link to.
The service is quite costly on average $25/month/link, but it can be really useful if you want to get easy win in search engine rankings.

In August you can get a 15 % discount on the all life of your links if you use the coupon code: august when you process your order.

So if you have planned on buying links in your link building strategy, this is a great opportunity!

If you do not want to spend your budget on paid links, there are plenty of free link directories. However the results might not be as quick.

SEO Salary in Australia: What to expect?

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Following our last post on how to find a SEO job in Australia, we have decided to provide a little more information on the SEO jobs market in Australia.

The market is booming and many internet marketing are recruiting without limit. The only matter at the moment is the number of candidates available.

Is SEO Mainstream in Australia ?

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Depending on who you are asking this question to, you would get two very different answers, which will reflect the current state of the market.

If you are an online marketer, a website owner or even better a SEO consultant, i would highly suspect you would reply with as strong and clear yes. Fair enough! SEO has been around for a while. Back in the 90's some sort of SEO emerge and is now a recognised online pratice.

Well that is true if you are in the industry, but there is still a strong misunderstanding or even worst a strong lack of knowledge among traditional business owners and marketing managers.

Robbie Hills, managing director of 24/7 Real Media, said that while categories such as finance, telcos and automoties were already experienced in search, there are plenty of Top 100 and Top 200 companies that are not using search as much as they could.
Many Australian banks, Credit Card companies and Mortgage companies (to quote only this part of the iceberg) do not have their websites in the first search engine results pages...
If you are approaching them with a nice SEO proposal, they will probably look at a you and say: Well that is really interesting, but we are doing paid search, we are on top of search engines results page and it brings us good results. They will then look at your proposal which talk about on-page factors optimisation and link building, and then look at the price and will say probably say, let's talk about this next year we do not have the budget. Some others will even tell you, 'That is great but, what do you mean by SEO ?

SEO is not mainstream because online marketing companies fail to communicate this online practice in 'traditional business terms'. The whole jargon associated with it create a real technological gap. On the other hand, traditional business owners and manager are so used to the 'traditional way of doing business' that they fail to open their mind to this alternative. Robbie Hills estimates that hlf of his job his to educate customers.

SEO has a huge potential in Australia. When you look at the number of companies spending a huge amount of money on paid search to gain market share, SEO could bring the same results at a fraction of the cost . Online marketing companies really need to educate their customers by using a simple language and a concrete result based approach.

The potential is there and capturing this huge market lies in the online marketing companies ability to close the knowledge gap with traditional businesses.

25 % Discount on Best of The Web Directory

Thursday, 2 August 2007

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