Google vs. Yahoo - Yahoo wins!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

According to the recent American Customer Satisfaction Index Survey Results Yahoo is going up, while Google is going down.

Yahoo beats Google
The ACSI survey aims at measuring the overall customers satisfaction for the services offered by the major search engines. The results show that Yahoo beats Google by one point with respective scores of 79/100 and 78/100.
The comparison against last year results, shows that Yahoo jumped by 4%, whereas Google dropped by 3.7%.

Marketing and Strategic choices are the main issues
The major reasons attributed to the results is the fact that Yahoo tends to provide a better presentation and marketing of their services. Yahoo ahs recently changed its platform and introduced a new search engine marketing platform, whcih it likely to have influenced the results.
However people seem to a bit bored about Google. The search engine page has had the same structure for at least 5 years. The services offered by Google are not clearly presented. Even if Gooogle's products are great, the average users do not perceive the benefits of them... Moreover Yahoo has created a lot of connexion with the social networking media, while Google has not yet proved to be willing to get heavily into that sphere.

In a nutshell, Google appears to be more the 'Geeky-Techy' search engine, while Yahoo is bringing a bit of funkiness in the search engine business... Does not it sounds similar to some other big rivals? Think of Mac and PC ??

Google still dominates the search market
However, Google is still the leader in the search engine business with more than 49.5% of market share in the US market ( around 78% in Australia). Yahoo manages to capture 25.1% of the market, while Ask made a great move with 5% market shares..