SEO among the Top 100 Online Retailers

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

At the beginning of the month we discussed if SEO is mainstream in Australia. While there is no comprehensive figures to quantify the real state of the SEO market, it seems that SEO is still in the emergence phase.
Internet savvy companies are getting there, whereas traditional businesses still need a kick.

The results of a recent study, which analyses the degree of optimisation of the Top 100 online retailers, demonstrated that 60% of the Top 100 online retailers are considered optimised to well-optimised. The other 40% are considered moderately to not optimised.

Even if the results are arguable, the study demonstrates a good overall level of optimisation among online retailers. However, the study is focused on the top 100 retailers and ignore small websites. As leaders, I would expect the Top 100 to be all optimised, at least a little. An interesting aspect of the study would have been to measure the optimisation among smaller websites.

It would not be surprising to have very different figures for small businesses. Personally, I would suspect that only 20% of small online retailers to be optimised, but feel free to leave your opinions