Blog Marketing for SEO - Part II

Monday, 17 September 2007

At the beginning of the month, we wrote a post on the advantages of blog marketing services for SEO purposes.

According to SEA experts, this new way of marketing your website seems to be the next new eldorado for SEO and advertising.

Rand Fishkin from SEOmoz has investigated the value of links from blog marketing. He interviewed a panel of search engine experts from Google, Yahoo, Ask and MSN on the topic. All agreed that paid links from blog reviews have a good impact on your rankings if they originate from a blog with relevant content. While traditional paid links can have a discounted value, links from blog reviews seems to seen as highly regarded by searche engines.

Gareth French from Search Engine Standard even compare blog marketing with directory submission. He identified that links from blog reviews are more powerful than links from directories for the following reasons:

"Here’s how paid posts - by the right bloggers - actually add value over directory submissions:

1) primarily you’re getting the insight and “approval” of a blogger who already has a readership - and if you’re targeting your campaign well, you’ll be contextually relevant to their audience

2) blogs are more vertical than directories … and are more authoritative (this is an untested assumption-based claim)

3) a paid blog post is more likely than a directory submission to get linked to and passed around - whether it does or not will depend on the individual who’s getting paid

4) when one smart company gets its business together and provides paid-post distribution deals for related bloggers (like the techmeme sponsor post box) you’ll see your links spread far and wide"

Aaron Wall, the author of the famous SEO Book also recognised the benefits of paid-post marketing for SEO purposes, but he also concluded that paid-post can have a great impact on sales as the post are actually read by highly targeted people that are interested in the content. He said:"You get exposure in active channels that people trust and are paying attention to"

In a Nutshell, blog marketing or paid-post marketing is not only a great solution to increase your rankings, but it also great to reach your target audience and improve your sales.


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