Blog Marketing for SEO - Part I

Monday, 3 September 2007

A great option to generate quality backlinks to your website, is blog marketing. Blog marketing is pretty simple and is really similar to traditional advertising network. Blog marketing services do not offer space where you can place your ad, but they do give the advertiser the opportunity to have a blogger reviewing the advertiser's products or services. Blog marketing is more genuine than traditional advertising.

Advantages of blog marketing

Most blog marketing services offers blog post with direct links pointing to your website for $10 to $50, which is really cheap compared to directory submission.
The main advantage is that you have control over the anchor texts for your links, which create amazing opportunities for SEO. As the links are embedded in text, there are obvisously seen as valuable by Google.

Another advantage, is that you can select topic realated blogs,where your review will be published. Lets say you are a travel website and want to generate more links from travel related sites, you can simply select travel blogs. Obviously Google will give more popularity to the link as they will be highly relevant to your content.

If you are a blogger, such services also offer great opportunities to monetise your blog, to find advertisers and make money

Disadvantage of Blog Marketing

As mentioned previously, blog marketing involve a blogger to translate your marketing message, and therefore some alterations of the message might occur. Working for a client, I jave noticed that the message transmitted over a set of blogs can be really different according to the blogger ability to respect editorial rules.
In the same sense, blogger have control of the content and it makes it really hard to ask for content review.

In a nutshell, blog marketing is a great opportunity to generate backlinks to your website at a low cost. Blog marketing also offer the opportunity to differenciate the source of links and can therefore contribute to increase your website rankings, while creating a buzz