Facebook's SEO: Grand Opening to Search Engines

Friday, 14 September 2007

Facebook, the social media network, which has recently created a frenzy among Australian is opening its users profiles to search engines. The 30 milions users profiles will be accessible from search engines compared to the 25 000 , which are currently available.

Facebook will join the 'open to search engines' social network group already made of MySpace, Orkut and Linkedin. Unlike MySpace and Orkut, Facebook claims to put more emphasis on user privacy protection. Facebook users will have the option to display a public profile, while some information will remain private.

Facebook has been accused of costing more than $9 Billion a year to Australian businesses due to the amount of times employees are spending on it. Facebook's SEO means that it will be even easier to find people and therefore even easier to spend more time on it...
A more positive note for advertisers. Facebook's grand opening aims at targeting the masses and therefore is expected to increase the number of users. While the advertising opportunities are still limited this change is likely to make a great improvement.