15 % Discount on Keyword Research Tool WordTracker

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

WordTracker the famous keyword research tool is offering 15% Discount on the purchase of an annual subscription until the end of November if you use the promotional code: us-annual-15

Wordtracker is one of the best tool for search phrases research for SEO and Paid Search and help you to:

* Optimize your website content by using the most popular keywords for your product and services
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Google Geek Night Sydney

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Google Australia hosted the first "Google Geek Night" this evening at the Google Australia headquarters in Sydney, where The Google team presented the new and not so new Google products through multiple presentations.

While highly focused on presenting (and selling) you the multiple ways of spending your media budget on the Google multiple networks, it was great to have update on Google product protfolio. Some presentations were really interesting and gave a lot of insider tricks to optimise your online advertising campaigns.Google also seems to push the monetisation of You Tube after the recent release of the Australian You Tube

The great thing about Google is that the team is friendly,knows really well what they are talking about and are also pretty keen on answering your questions without trying to keep too many secrets. I came back with loads of well done brochures and booklets which explain most products functionalities.

Among the presentations, the Google Adwords and the Google Gadgets presentations were really interesting. The Google gadgets seems to be quite interesting for link building, but requires apparently quite a lot of work and skills to take full advantage of them.

On the SEO point of view, I was a bit surprised (and disappointed) not to hear much about the new challenges introduced by universal search and the recent update in the Google alogorithm, but I guess natural search does not bring direct advertising revenues...

The event was also really good to meet the people in the Sydney search industry. I had great discussion with Gary from Downstream Marketing (Check out the job ad if you are looking for a SEO position) and some of the members of the William search team.

Basically a good event to get good information and to network.

Google Page Rank Update?

Sunday, 28 October 2007

After reading the Sydney Morning Herald and many SEO/SEM blogs, It seems to be confirmed that Google has performed a new Page Rank Update over the last couple of days.

Many search engine marketing blogs and major newspapers (Washington Post, Forbes etc..) and publishing network (Weblog Inc) have been penalised with a Page Rank drop.
SEO Sydney Blog has however noticed a serious improvement from a PR:0 to PR:3 and seems to confirm the effectiveness of our link building strategy.

The last major Google Algorithm update took place in Mid-July and aimed at decreasing the value of links originating from 'bad neighborhood' and irrelevant websites.

This new update seems to be more focused on Paid links and mass-linking strategies. Search Engine Journal made the following hypothesis on the reasons:

* Paid Linking : The easy excuse is that they’re targeting paid links, but not all sites which experienced the drop sell or buy links.

* Mass Linking : Do we link out to too many sites via Blog Rolls? Does Linkbait just result in TOO MANY links, even if they are natural. Do blog networks use influential linking to their advantage? I think PageRank has been spread too thin and Google is changing its PageRank formula to address the mass publishing which has taken place over the past 2 years.

* Devalue PageRank : PageRank is seen by many as the end all value of a web site. Our PageRank dropped but we are receiving more Google search traffic than ever. PageRank does not define site rankings in Google or traffic and it should not be mistaken as so.

* Kill the Paid Link Market : If Paid Linking houses use PageRank as a pricing metric, then eliminating or devaluing PageRank will devalue paid linking

More accurate explanation should emerge in the next couple of days.
In the meantime, if you want to check your website' Page Rank, try the DigPageRank Checker

YouTube Australian Edition

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Google-owned YouTube has launched the Australian Edition of the famous video sharing website. The localised homepage offers Australian-related content and the ability to connect directly with Australian users.
Among the content providers, the big broadcasting networks ( Seven, Ten, Nine, ABC and Sky News) were the first to sign up, followed Faifax Media and all six political parties...

This should be really useful to take full advantage of Google's Universal Search..

Link Building with Paid Blog Review

Friday, 19 October 2007

Last month, we reviewed the advantage of using Blog marketing to increase your link popularity. I have recently found on
a great article that gives you the 5 main advantages of using blog marketing for link building purpose:

1. Links Embedded in Content are Very Powerful!

If your trying to increase your search engine rankings though link building, there is nothing better then a link embedded in content. Why? because the search engines have created algorithms that give more weight to links appearing to be natural. The idea is that links embedded in content are more trustworthy because they are probably there to be of use to the reader, rather then just purchased for search engine rankings.

2. Links on Relevant Pages/Sites Rock!

The search engines also look at the topic of the page the link is on to determine relevancy. If the subject matter of the page compliments the subject matter of site being linked to, the link is more valuable. Sponsored Reviews are focused on your product, thus the page is highly relevant.

3. The Content is Not Duplicate

Any link builder who has ever done Article Marketing knows that one of the biggest drawbacks is duplicate content. Article Marketing usually consists of one article being spread around too several sites. The problem with that is the search engines tend to remove duplicate content from their indexes, in order to reduce the amount of fluff in their databases.

Long story short, SponsoredReviews are as unique as the people that right them. Everyone of them is different. The end result is that more pages with your links are going to remain indexed.

4. The Links are Permanent

Blog posts are permanent, and so are the links on them. When you purchase a review it gets permanently placed on the blogger site. So you only pay once for a link that will be there forever.

5. Potential to Build 2nd-Tier Links

This concept is a little strange to some, but professional link builders know that the best links come from pages that have links pointing directly to them. In other words, if the page your link is on has its own backlinks, your link is going to be much more valuable.

Blog content is highly visible and syndicated often. There is a chance that your article is going to get linked to from other blogs.

Picking the write blogger is essential to building 2nd-Tier links. Great bloggers want your content to succeed because if your content is successful it only helps their blog….

Is blog marketing the future for successful link building? Let us know what do you think...
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SEO Training with Aaron Shear in Sydney

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

On the 20th of November, Search Engine Room is hosting a search workshop featuring Aaron Shear, a leading north american search marketer.

Aaron Shear spent several years as Global Director of SEO for online giant Shopping.com (an Ebay company), and has a deep understanding of the commercial imperatives behind Search Marketing and Optimisation.

The workshop will cover all aspects of modern search marketing, from practical hands-on information through to top-level advice on how marketers and online business owners can deploy Search as the primary driver of their e-commerce and e-marketing strategies.

It will suit people who already understand the basics of Search and include:

* Sales-Driven Search Strategies
* Customer Conversion
* Best in Class Case Studies
* Google Ranking Updates
* Site Security
* Linking Strategies
* Integrating Search Into Other Digital Marketing Disciplines
* Search Budget Allocation
* Balancing SEO and SEM
* Measuring Return On Investment
* Evaluating SEO Success
* Benchmarking Australian vs International Trends

The price is AUD 495 and there are only 50 spots available. If you want to book visit the search engine room website.

IProspect in the Australian Search market

Friday, 12 October 2007

Iprospect, the global search marketing agency owned by Aegis has launched their Australian activities last August. Iprospect provides SEO, SEM, web analytics and online PR activities.
According to Ipropect CEO David Holmes, Iprospect expect taking advantages of "missed opportunities" to capture 10% of the search market in Australia. Holmes thinks that The Australian search market is underserved by search agencies. David Holmes thinks that major Australian companies are sometimes not willing to work with small agencies and therefore Iprospect will fill the gap.

As well as driving business, Ipropect will also bring a lot of market knowledge to the Australia search market.

SEMPO Survey on SEO/SEM Salary

Monday, 8 October 2007

The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) has put up its first salary survey of in-house search engine marketing professionals.

The survey is open to all in-house SEM professionals, SEMPO members as well as non-members. Respondents may be working on organic and/or paid-search, and they will remain anonymous when taking the survey.

“We want to engage as many in-house professionals as possible in the survey in order to get the most complete picture we can of the compensation landscape in the rapidly growing SEM field,” says Duane Forrester, co-chair of SEMPO’s In-House SEM Committee.

SEMPO is running the survey through October and possibly will continue it into November. Results of the survey will be published in November.

Among the data trends SEMPO hopes to map are the overall salary range of SEM jobs, from entry level to executive; salary variations by geographic markets, the total compensation package beyond salaries, such as bonuses, benefits and perks; SEM staffing levels within enterprises, and SEM budget levels.

Start filling the survey

Online Advertising Industry Figures

Friday, 5 October 2007

Online advertising again set new records in the first half of this year, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Revenue for the first six months of the year came to almost $10 billion, marking a 27% increase over last year, according to a report released this morning.

Search accounted for almost $4.1 billion -- 41% of the total and more than any other type of ad format. While paid search has played a big role in the growth of online advertising in general, the report indicates that search's role is becoming even more important. Last year, search garnered a slightly lower share -- 40% of the total.

Led by spending in rich media and video ads, display ad revenue also increased to nearly $3.2 billion, or 32% of the total. Last year, display revenue totaled $2.4 billion, or 31%.

In other categories, classifieds lost market share, coming in at $1.7 billion, or 17% of total revenue, compared to last year's 20% ($1.6 billion). Email held relatively steady at 2% ($200 million). Referrals and lead generation increased to $799 million, accounting for 8%, from last year's $592 million (7%).

Free Directories for Link Building

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Free directories can provide cost-effective results in your link building strategy. You can find below a list of useful and high-quality free directories that match with your needs:

Free directories

Most of the directories listed below are Free, SEO Friendly and usually do not require any reciprocal links. For some directories, the conditions might have changed (paid, reciprocal) and in that case feel free to drop me an email or a commment to make the change.

Prolink Directory
aCotm Directory
DirAll Directory
Free Website Directory
Free Web Directory
Optimize Directory
Increase Directory
Open Link Directory
Cute Directory
The Free Directory
Add Site Free
Best Net Sites
Fresh TV
Info Tiger
Great Web Directory
Submission 4 U
18 and 35
Directory Free
Ablaze Directory
Red Lava Directory
Double Directory
Top Dot
Webdirectory Netorado
Add 2Us
Bee Directory
Name Directory
WebDir Addsite SubmitFree
New Concept Directory
777 Media
Directory Slick
Gain Web
Links Guru
Domain Link Exchange
Fat 64
The Web Directory
Creative Agency
Add New Link
Directory Critics
Back Links Free
Go Web Guide
Fat Info
Plus Link
Free Directory World
Yep New
URL Discovery
URL Shack
Free PR4 Directory Playground3

Free Australian Directories

If you have an Australian website or want to improve your rankings in the local pages of Google.com.au or Yahoo.com.au, you should submit your website to our growing list of free Australian directories

Free SEO Related Directories

For the growing link building needs of SEO agencies or SEO related websites, we have created a list of free SEO related directories

Free Automotive Directories

If you are a car dealer, an automotive broker or if your website if related to car, you should use our list of free automotive directories to increase your website link popularity

Free Blog Directories

The list below includes directories fully dedicated to blogs, so you won't necessarily be able to submit a website.

- BlogLookup!

Read our article: How to use directories for Link Building if you need more advice on the submission process.

Last Update: August 2009.The list is updated regularly. If you have discovered or know some valuable directories, please feel free to drop a comment or an email.

Discount on Paid Links

SEO Sydney regularly provides discount on paid links and directory submissions. For October, we have a double-offer for you:

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Free Australian Directories - The List

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Submitting your website to Australian directories (.com.au or .net.au) will bring more value than .com directories if you aim at ranking in the local pages of search engines.

Having links from Australian directories, your website will 'send' clear signals that it has relevant content and that it has a certain credibility in the Australian market. As a result search engines will be more likely to list your website in the local pages.

Relying solely on free directories to rank high in Google.com.au or Yahoo.com.au might not be enough as they do not carry the same 'credibility' as other local websites. However, a link from an Australian directory is still a step forward to high rankings in local search.

To help Australian webmasters, SEO professionals and site owners, we have compiled a list of free directories dedicated to the Australian market.
All the directories in the list are free, but please be aware that some of them might reject a submission if your website does not have a .com.au, .net.au or .org.au extension, even if you website has Australia related content (for example a .com website with content related to Australia might be rejected).

Read our article: How to use directories for Link Building for more advice on submitting your website to directories

List of Free Australian Directories

Site Review
Web Directory Australia
Oz Find
AU Haabaa
My Sites
Australian Web Directory
Website Link
Shop Seek
DownUnder Index
GoldCoast Directory (GoldCoast businesses only).
Search Zone
All The Best (submission currently closed- Back soon)

Update June 2008 - We try to update the list on regualar basis. Please feel free to contact us at seosydneyblog (at)gmail.com if some of the directories have changed their pricing or if you want to list your directory. Thanks!

Implementing SEO in large corporations

Monday, 1 October 2007

In August, we discussed if SEO is mainstream in Australia. It has been noticed that there are still a couple of barriers that prevent the full implementation of SEO among traditional businesses.
Making SEO changes in a small company can be hard. You have to talk to the developer, the marketing manager and try to coordinate their work. Imagine making changes on IBM's websites, talking to hundreds of people located at each side of the world... Pretty hard thing to do!

Stephan Spencer interviewed Mike Moran, IBM's Search Marketing Engineer about the unique challenges that mega-corporations have related to SEO implementation.

You can find below an overview of Mike Moran's tactics to deal with SEO implementation in large corporations:

Get the people to do the right thing

Search engine marketing activities are hard to centralise, especially in large corporations. There is one team responsible for the web development, one team for writting the copy. According to Mike Moran, you need to coordinate each specialist to do the right thing; and this is the most difficult challenge.

Use a universal performance evaluation tool

Mike Moran and his team started evaluting the current state of each of the IBM website for the basic SEO criteria such as Title, Description, H1.
Using a very simple 'scorecard', they communicated the results to the executives in a very simple way:

"We rolled up all of those statistics, country by country, division by division, and we set benchmarks where they had to be yellow for this thing or green if you got over a certain point. If you were well under what we were looking for you got red. This had to be very simple, because it was for executives"

As mentioned last month is our article, traditionall business executives with limited skills in search engine optimisation do not always understand the requirements. Using a simple evaluation tools and let them know that something need to be fixed is probably one of the best way to make them take an action !

Managing changes by embarrassment

Mike Moran' s strategy is to make executives embarrassed about the situation in their division or team. By reporting and communicating bad performance over a period of time (a couple of months), executives became more and more aware of what needs to be done. The SEO implementation started to become a higher priority and after a while, they agreed on solving this problem.

According to Mike Moran:
"They figured out how they were going to get their organizations to do these things, because somebody thought it was important, and they were just trying to look good. That’s basically one way that you can go after this stuff so that you can use, in large organizations, its processes and procedures against itself"

Mike Moran's tactics have proven to be successful. Over 7 years the traffic to IBM website originating from search has increased from 1% to 25%. However, it takes time efforts and skills that are usually beyond SEO...