Google Geek Night Sydney

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Google Australia hosted the first "Google Geek Night" this evening at the Google Australia headquarters in Sydney, where The Google team presented the new and not so new Google products through multiple presentations.

While highly focused on presenting (and selling) you the multiple ways of spending your media budget on the Google multiple networks, it was great to have update on Google product protfolio. Some presentations were really interesting and gave a lot of insider tricks to optimise your online advertising campaigns.Google also seems to push the monetisation of You Tube after the recent release of the Australian You Tube

The great thing about Google is that the team is friendly,knows really well what they are talking about and are also pretty keen on answering your questions without trying to keep too many secrets. I came back with loads of well done brochures and booklets which explain most products functionalities.

Among the presentations, the Google Adwords and the Google Gadgets presentations were really interesting. The Google gadgets seems to be quite interesting for link building, but requires apparently quite a lot of work and skills to take full advantage of them.

On the SEO point of view, I was a bit surprised (and disappointed) not to hear much about the new challenges introduced by universal search and the recent update in the Google alogorithm, but I guess natural search does not bring direct advertising revenues...

The event was also really good to meet the people in the Sydney search industry. I had great discussion with Gary from Downstream Marketing (Check out the job ad if you are looking for a SEO position) and some of the members of the William search team.

Basically a good event to get good information and to network.