Link Building with Paid Blog Review

Friday, 19 October 2007

Last month, we reviewed the advantage of using Blog marketing to increase your link popularity. I have recently found on
a great article that gives you the 5 main advantages of using blog marketing for link building purpose:

1. Links Embedded in Content are Very Powerful!

If your trying to increase your search engine rankings though link building, there is nothing better then a link embedded in content. Why? because the search engines have created algorithms that give more weight to links appearing to be natural. The idea is that links embedded in content are more trustworthy because they are probably there to be of use to the reader, rather then just purchased for search engine rankings.

2. Links on Relevant Pages/Sites Rock!

The search engines also look at the topic of the page the link is on to determine relevancy. If the subject matter of the page compliments the subject matter of site being linked to, the link is more valuable. Sponsored Reviews are focused on your product, thus the page is highly relevant.

3. The Content is Not Duplicate

Any link builder who has ever done Article Marketing knows that one of the biggest drawbacks is duplicate content. Article Marketing usually consists of one article being spread around too several sites. The problem with that is the search engines tend to remove duplicate content from their indexes, in order to reduce the amount of fluff in their databases.

Long story short, SponsoredReviews are as unique as the people that right them. Everyone of them is different. The end result is that more pages with your links are going to remain indexed.

4. The Links are Permanent

Blog posts are permanent, and so are the links on them. When you purchase a review it gets permanently placed on the blogger site. So you only pay once for a link that will be there forever.

5. Potential to Build 2nd-Tier Links

This concept is a little strange to some, but professional link builders know that the best links come from pages that have links pointing directly to them. In other words, if the page your link is on has its own backlinks, your link is going to be much more valuable.

Blog content is highly visible and syndicated often. There is a chance that your article is going to get linked to from other blogs.

Picking the write blogger is essential to building 2nd-Tier links. Great bloggers want your content to succeed because if your content is successful it only helps their blog….

Is blog marketing the future for successful link building? Let us know what do you think...
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