SEO Training with Aaron Shear in Sydney

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

On the 20th of November, Search Engine Room is hosting a search workshop featuring Aaron Shear, a leading north american search marketer.

Aaron Shear spent several years as Global Director of SEO for online giant (an Ebay company), and has a deep understanding of the commercial imperatives behind Search Marketing and Optimisation.

The workshop will cover all aspects of modern search marketing, from practical hands-on information through to top-level advice on how marketers and online business owners can deploy Search as the primary driver of their e-commerce and e-marketing strategies.

It will suit people who already understand the basics of Search and include:

* Sales-Driven Search Strategies
* Customer Conversion
* Best in Class Case Studies
* Google Ranking Updates
* Site Security
* Linking Strategies
* Integrating Search Into Other Digital Marketing Disciplines
* Search Budget Allocation
* Balancing SEO and SEM
* Measuring Return On Investment
* Evaluating SEO Success
* Benchmarking Australian vs International Trends

The price is AUD 495 and there are only 50 spots available. If you want to book visit the search engine room website.


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