Best of the Web Directory Discount

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Best of the Web directory offers 15% discount on their advertising offering which includes business directory submission. You can benefit from the offer using the coupon code: WIN10K.
At the same time you can enter a competition to win $10 000.

This is the last day to enjoy this promotion, so be quick...

Top 10 Social Media Networks

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

With the strong increase in popularity of social networking tools an it becomes more and more important to consider these channels in any online strategy.

Nielsen Online published in November 2007 the top 10 rankings for social media websites. Even if the study has a focus on the US market, it still help to have a better understanding on which services are more popular and therefore where to focus your efforts.

Even if Facebook has gathered most of the attention, MySpace is still largely dominating the market in terms of members. Facebook has however recorded a huge 125% growth compared to last year. The largest growth (189%) has been recorded by Linkedin, the professional networking tool.

Although useful, the Nielsen study does not identify the level of activity of the members, which could reveal another dimension and would probably change the current ranking. Highly involved members, who communicate inside and outside of the network,bring more value.

Looking at reputation management and online presence, Social Media Networks will have a more and more considerable impact in the next year and should therefore be considered.

Search Engine Bootcamp Seminar in Sydney

Sunday, 25 November 2007

The Search Engine Bootcamp seminar is in Sydney this week, on the 29th November at the Four Points by Sheraton in Darling Harbour.

The Seminar will cover the topics outlined below:

- Keyword Research
- Copy Writing and Duplicate Content Issues
- Creative Management
- Landing Page Optimisation
- Social Media Marketing
- How to manage an SEO implementation
- The Jargon of Search Marketing
- Universal Search
- Online Reputation Management
- Maximising Google Adwords "Quality Score"

The price is a little bit more expensive than the Search Engine Room at $595 +GST.

Where are the SEOs?

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

I have not published any fresh news for a while. Sorry about that, but I have been really busy with client work for Christmas... Talking about Christmas, the festive season is also starting, which mean a bit less time in front of the computer and more time to socialise and meet people in your industry. If you are looking for a job or looking for new employees, it is probably a good time to meet people in a relaxed athmosphere.

The Australian industry is not huge, but there are plenty of places to meet your peers competitors, potential clients/employee/employers so make you choice:

Search Engine Room
Search Engine Room is an PPC/SEO Conference which gathers industry agencies, clients and more... The last event was actually two days ago, so might have to wait a little before the next one.

Search Engine Bootcamp
Really similar to Search Engine Room, the next event is on the 29th of November. You can still book, it is $595 + GST


If you are looking for a relaxed/party athmosphere, clickaholics is a great option. They organise regular parties for those working in the online media/ advertising. I do not know about the next one in Sydney, but there is a party coming up in Melbourne on the 13th December.

There are plenty of other events planned for 2008...

Universal Search landed in Australia

Monday, 12 November 2007

The popular Universal Search from Google has finally arrived in Australia. After a launch in May in the US, Google has decided to bring the Universal Search in the Australian market. You might have noticed that Google Maps are now intergrated in search results when you search for a regionalised phrases. Progressively Google will integrate other media such as Image, Video, RSS feeds and so on in the search results.
If you type 'John Howard' in, you will notice that the search results include news releases, images and blog results... Welcome to the Universal Search.

What is Universal Search?

Universal search is not a new concept. Back in the 90's Altavista proposed a universal search approach with its search engine. has also pionneered this approach before. Universal Search provides more 'blended' search results. Instead of providing text-based search results, Google aims at intergrating Video, Blogs, News, RSS feed, Images. According to Google Australia's Product Specialist, Jeremy Wood, universal search will make it easier for the user to access relevant information in different forms. Instead of clicking on the various tabs on top of the Google search field, the users will have access to 'all the information in one spot'

Why moving to Universal Search ?

Why will Google move to Universal Search? Google has more than 80% of the search market in Australia, so why changing everything... The answer to this question will depends on who you are talking to.

Google officials love attributing any of the changes they make to a 'greater relevancy for the user' and a better service to the internet community. Fair enough, they have the intention at least.
But Google is a company that aims at making profits, not helping the community.

The latest Google Geek Night in Sydney has clearly demonstrated Google's intention to sell more services than their paid search program. Google has diversified its strategy with a handful of newly (re)developed products (Google Maps, Google Gadgets, Google Docs)and they obviously want to get a Return On Investment. Google has also acquired You Tube and once again maximizing the synergies is the idea.

Moreover, the latest analyst day in Mountain View also reinforce Google's strong desire to 'increase the monetisation of its services'. Nick Fox, director of product management of the advertising division declared to the investors and analysts that 'there are substantial headroom in the monetisation of our services'.
Universal Search is the solution! It allows Google to feature its range of products
- Video: You Tube
- Blogs: Blogger
- News: Google News
- RSS Feeds: Feedburner
- Image: Picassa

in one of the most popular spot on the internet, the Google Search results.

The Universal search is also a way for Google to increase the 'stickiness' of its pages. At the moment, people are conducting searches, but leave the page as soon as they have found what they are looking for. If Google want to maximise users exposure to advertising message (Adwords), they need to make people stay longer.
Universal search is also the solution. If you want to play a video that came up in the search engine results, you won't be re-directed to the video website, but Google will play it directly in the results page so that you can enjoy and possibly click on an ad.

If you were Google (and wanted to make money), it will be pretty stupid not to move to Universal Search. Now if the search users get more relevant results it is a plus!

SEO Clients Archetypes

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Last time I was looking around SEO blogs, I found a pretty funny (and useful) article on typical SEO Clients. The original post is from SE0 2.0 onreact but I have added a few client's profile that I have noticed in Australia

1. The control freakone: He wants to have full control over the process even when he does not know anything about SEO. This type of client need explaination for every small details and will tend to call all the time to change tiny details in the SEO proposal.

2. The quick one: Wants you to start right away, assuming he is the only client you have but in most cases very slow to pay.

3. The busy one: Once you are done with a step and need info for the next step, he will need weeks over weeks to reply.

4. The PPC client: Prospective clients who do PPC, especially Google Adwords are not ashamed to tell you how many thousands Euro or Dollars they spent for completely automatic ads in search results but they will cringe at paying you 500 for your hard work.

5. The calling prospective client: This one will call you at the evening, while you are busy like hell or when you’re at lunch and you can’t explain to him that you’re not in front of your screen and basically can’t tell him much right at that moment. If you try to explain what do to, how, how long it takes anyways you can be sure that he won’t call you ever again.

6. The diligent one: You will negotiate with him for weeks or or longer even before you can start. You will show him your portfolio, send him or her papers on the exact measures you will undertake, you will talk to his programmers, you will meet him or her and the team personally but you won’t get the job.

7. The experienced one:
“I had 3 SEOs already and I’m still not on top”. Or you will discover doorway pages from two years ago in his code. The most respectable companies are like that.

8. The big or multi-client: He has either many websites he wants you to optimize at once or he will offer you a connection with Sony or something after you optimize the first site, he of course does assume that doing many websites does not cost more than just one and he will pay you less for the first website as he wants to see how you perform before he connects you with Sony.

9. The discontent:
He or her will receive the same treatment as all the other clients, pay the same price or even less, he will see the same results as the others but he will be discontent all the time. This one is amazing, because other clients in his shoes are really satisfied.

10. The friend: He will treat you like a friend and he is doing you a favor when paying but he will treat you like an employer or boss when you do the work. He will want to pay less than the others but he will call you Sunday on your private line to ask you if you’re done.

News from the Big 3: Blue Freeway, Photon and Q Ltd

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

The 'big 3' interactive marketing groups that have purchased a quite a few Australian online marketing companies in the next couple of years are keeping the same pace...

Blue Freeway

The Sydney based digital marketing group that acquired Clear Light Digital and Cogentis, continue its impressive expansion. After acquiring 22 companies in the last 11 months, Blue Freeway expect to expand at a 2-company-per-month pace until June 2008. Blue Freeway is mainly looking outside of Australia and especially in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
Blue Freeway have also launched their new intergrated interactive program called Blu, which allow managing each aspect of digital marketing from a single interface.

Photon Group
Photon Group has reinforced its presence in the UK with a third acquisitions. Photon Group purchased the PR firm Frank Public Relations for $18.5. Photon Group has also finalised teh acquisition of the Found Agency.

Q Ltd
With a more 'Australian' focus, Q Ltd has improved its online marketing offer with the acquisition of The Great Australian Survey, a leading firm in consumer database/email marketing for $8.5 Million in cash.