Google Webmaster Tools Upgrades

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

2007 was a good year for Google Webmaster Tools, which kept on improving with the assistance of the growing Webmaster Central team. Google Webmaster Tools is more and more a regular pitstop for any SEOs. On top of the sitemap registration and the backlinks analysis, the console offers great new features that help to effectivily manage the indexing capabilities of your website

It started in February 2007, when Google Webmaster Tools went out of Beta and become an official Google product.

In April 2007, they introduced the URL Removal Tool, which is quite effective if you need to get some of your embarassing, outdated or spammed pages out of the Google Index.

In August 2007, they introduced the robots.txt analysis which also allows controlling what Google indexes.

In September 2007, the Webmaster Central team gave a new look to the interface and introduced the Subscriber Stats that tells you how many people are actually subscribing to your RSS Feed.

October 2007 was big. They introduced the Top search queries feature, which gives heaps of valuable information to evaluate the keywords that generated traffic and your ranking for these keywords. They also introduced the controversial site links, which add a couple more targeted links and finally the geographic targeting for those that have their websites hosted in US and want to be more present in the Australian search results of Google....

Finally the last upgrade came in December with the release of the Content Analysis, which is a must-use tool for any SEO project. Among other features, The Content Analysis gives you stats on your Title Tags and identifies your duplicate content. In other words it analyses your website based on some of the criteria extracted from the obscur Google Webmaster guidelines. This makes your work much quicker and much easier.

2008 should also bring new upgrades and hopefully some great features for SEO!


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