Australia & New Zealand SEO/SEM Salary Survey

Thursday, 7 February 2008

After having a look at the results of the SEMPO SEM Salary Survey and taking the SEOmoz SEO industry survey, we realised that these surveys are highly US/Canada focused and therefore do not fully reflect the reality of the Australian/New Zealand SEO/SEM market.

To overcome this lack of targeted information, SEO Sydney Blog has decided to create the first SEO/SEM Salary Survey for Australia and New Zealand.

We had a look at other surveys and took into considerations the comments of our readers . Finally we came up with a set of 10 questions. The survey will take you 5 mins to complete and is totally anonymous.

On the second week of March we will publish the results on the SEO Sydney Blog

To make sure that we get a good picture of the Australian and New Zealand market, please feel free to invite the people in your network to take the survey.

Contrary to other surveys, there is nothing to win (unfortunately), however we think that the results will be valuable for the Australian SEO/SEM community and therefore be the main incentive.

SEO-SEM Salary Survey in Australia and New Zealand

The results have been published! Find out what is the most common SEO Salary in Australia