SEO Book becomes a Training Program

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The SEO Book, the popular product from Aaron Wall is changing its format at the end of February.

According to Aaron Wall:

"Over the course of the past couple years it became obvious to me that the perceived value of ebooks was dropping, the field of SEO was getting more complex, and many people who purchased my book wanted to be able to interact with me and ask me many questions. This caused me to need to change the SEO Book business model away from selling a downloadable ebook, and toward selling a web based information product backed by a community forum that helped turn it into a service more than a product".

The SEO Book is becoming the SEO Book training program. On top of a version of the SEO Book, it offers to its members an unlimitied access to over 100 training modules covering all areas of search engine optimisation. The SEO Training program also offers bonuses, tools and exclusive information.

If you want to join this program or get more information, feel free to visit the SEO Book Training Program page