Google Awarded Best Company to Work For

Monday, 3 March 2008

In 2008, Google has been elected best company to work for by the Fortune Magazine for the second consecutive year. Google is a big company, but why does everyone want to work for Google?

A Dominant Leader:
Google has no major competitors and clearly dominates the global advertising industry. Even if Yahoo is quite powerful, the recent acquisitions attempts have proved that Google could easily take over Yahoo. Google has also quickly emerged as the number one most recognised brand in the world. Google's founders are among the richest people in the world and the list grows...
Everyone use Google, everyone knows Google, so everyone wants to work for Google.

Corporate Culture

Google has also a very attractive corporate culture. If you have the chance to visit Google's offices in Sydney, you will easily realise that it looks more like a uni than a multi-million dollars business. There is no dress code, free snacks and drinks, a massage room...
It fun to work at Google. Is not it what everyone look for?

Financial Security

Google is not only a fun place to work, it is also fiancially viable. Even if Google do not offer highly competitive salaries, 99% of its employee have stock-option. With a $700 share price, it is quite rewarding.
Google is also paying for your private medical insurance and also offer other financial advantages...

Some Oppotunities for the future

Not only you will be able to have Google on your CV, but you will be also able to benefit from an on-going training at low cost. Google offers financial assistance if you want to study. Google also offers you a day per week to spend time on your own project and this is pretty much priceless.You give to Google and Google gives back to you.

If you not convinced yet (I am also ready to apply), look around and see which company can offer half of the above... Not many!