Google Introduces Teleporting

Monday, 17 March 2008

After introducing Universal Search last year, Google is now bringing 'Teleporting' in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

'Teleporting' is the concept of searching within a website directly from a search engine. In practice, teleporting is an additional search bar located under the listing of a website. This search bar is dedicated to search only the website (see picture below).

According to the Google Blog the idea of 'teleporting' came from researches which identify that users looking for a site are usually typing a site name in Google to reach it. Google engineers also noticed these users will then carry another search within the website itself to reach a specific page.

While helping search engines users reaching relevant content, teleporting also help Google keeping users in the search engine results pages a little longer. In the same way as Universal search, by letting people stay longer in the SERPs instead of going to another website, Google can increase the user exposure to targeted search engine advertising and therefore improve the visitor likelihood to click on a sponsored link.

Moreover, by offering an additional search box to search the specific content of a website, Google also improve its knowledge of what search engine users want and can then offer even more targeted ads that are highly likely to be clicked on. As these ads are displyed in the SERPs, Google makes even more revenues as it does not have to share it with any publisher.

It is a smart move that follow Google's strategy to keep users on their site a little longer to increase their advertsing revenues!


Anonymous said...

Nice! Google gives their customers an option to have their cake and eat it too.

What's amazing about this company is that they are constantly evolving, and are always a step ahead of their customers / clients needs.

Anonymous said...

Google had done another great job. I think it is very useful and timesaving features for user and money making for site.
Disadvantage will for sites having low SERP ranking, I think.