SEO and SEM Salary Survey - Australia & New Zealand

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

SEO Sydney Blog has released the Australian and New Zealand SEO/SEM Salary Survey at the beginning of February 2008. So far the response has been good. We have recorded around 50 respondents to our questionnaire and the results are already pretty interesting.

The findings were supposed to be released at the end of this week, however an increasing number of people have taken the survey in the last couple of days and therefore it might be useful to wait a little bit more to gather more accurate results.

The results will now be released at the end of March. That leaves plenty of time for those who have not taken the survey yet, to do it! If it is your case, please take the survey now

Thanks for your support!


Anonymous said...

We're keen to know the results!

Alban G. said...

Thanks for your interest and patience. The results will be published in the next couple of days. I am just working on a PDF document with detailed results that will be available for free download.