SEO Quake vs. SEO for Firefox

Thursday, 20 March 2008

I have been a fervant user of SEO for Firefox for the last 10 months. I always found that Firefox plugin really useful and time-saving as it brings instantly and in one location a set useful SEO data about a website.

Recently I had to re-install Firefox and came across a dilema: Should I re-install SEO For Firefox or should I try another tool? Being curious by nature, I chose the second option and gave SEO Quake, a tools rom guys of SEO Digger a go.

After a couple of days of trial, I came to the following conclusions:

SEO Quake loads data much faster
When you use the application in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) SEO Quake is the tool to choose. I have noticed that SEO Quake loads all the information around 25 to 50% faster than SEO For Firefox.

SEO Quake is more user-friendly
SEO Quake use icons that makes reading the information easier and quicker. The graphic elements are also more elaborated than in SEO for Firefox. When navigating a specific website, SEO Quake, provide all the SEO information in a toolbar on top of the website, which gives a direct access to all data. With SEO for Firefox, this function requires a little more work. One of the best function is to be able to export the result in a CSV format for further analysis.

SEO Quake provides more information
The main advantage of SEO Quake is surely its ability to provide more information than SEO for Firefox. On top of all the data that SEO for FIrefox, SEO Quake offers a direcct access to the source code of the page, the keyword density analysis (very, very useful) and the number of external and internal links.

As a supporter of Aaron Wall's work, I wanted to find something to defend SEO for Firefox, it was not easy and the only advantage I found is the fact that SEO For Firefox highlight the 'no follow' links in a page, whereas you need a special plugin for this with SEO Quake.
In conclusion, I would recommend to use SEO Quake, which provide more information, quicker, in a more user-friendly way.


Anonymous said...

Thanks mate.
I had the same situation and did a search and found your review.
Thanks heaps,

Anonymous said...

Very helpful post. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Did you try this service?
Looks similar to firefox plugin, but more useful

Kelvin said...

I have the same dilemma too, and actually leaning toward SEO Quake lol.
Great post, thanks for the support on that decision :)


Stacyman on Squidoo said...

I've been using SEOQuake and was looking for someone who has used both to tell me the difference between the two. Thanks for sharing this.

It has been quite a while since you made this post. Are there any other SEO plugins or tools that you now recommend?

Donovan said...

I absolutley love seo quake. Cant live without it!!!