Free Search Engine Ranking Checking Tool

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Search Engine  Ranking Checking Tool: Rank Checker
Aaron Wall, the author of SEO for Firefox, has recently released a new and extremely useful free SEO tool called Rank Checker.
What is Rank Checker

Rank Checker is a free Firefox extension that allows you to check the rankings of your website(s) in the major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Live Search.

Rank Checker's Functionalities
Among the various functionalities, we have particularly appreciated the following ones:

- Rank Checker is part of Firefox, so all the data is stored on your computer.

- You can select the search engines you want to check. It also allows you to check rankings for international versions of Google such

- You can schedule when you want to run a ranking report (daily, weekly or monthly).

- You can set a delay between queries. It becomes useful if you want to avoid being blocked by Google or Yahoo (It happens more and more often!). Aaron Wall also mentioned that future improvement might include a proxy switch funtion.

- You can preset a list of domains and/or keywords to check. It is really valuable if you want to monitor your competitors' rankings or the rankings of all your clients in one place. Update: The current version of Rank Checker allows to check up to 20 keywords, but Aaron Wall mentioned that he might extend it to 100 keywords

- You can also export data to CSV if you need to create reports.

Overall, Aaron Wall did a really good job with Rank Checker. Not only did he complement his range of SEO Tools, but he also responded to a real need in the market.
If you want to download Rank Checker or get more information, visit SEO Book.