Latest Google Page Rank Update - April 2008

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Google PageRank Update
By the look of it, Google is currently running its latest PageRank Update. has moved from a PageRank of 0 to a PageRank of 4 and a couple of websites I manage have also seen their PageRank increase this morning.

As noticed in the past, the update usually takes a couple of days to settle, so do not get too ecstatic because the PageRank scores might still change.
Regarding the rankings, I have not notice many big differences as the rankings'changes usually take place over a larger period of time before and after the effective PageRank change.

The last Google PageRank Update took place mid- January, just after one in October 2007. Based on the last three consecutive updates, I would suspect that Google actually proceed with the update every 3 to 4 months, which would bring the next one around July-August 2008.


Anonymous said... updates is normally observed by most people online. But what makes me surprised is the changes that happened with alexa.

Vincent said...

Ya,several sites have gain PR........ with some drop also.

Vincent said...

Ya, some site have got there PR increased.........

Alban G. said...

Hi Richard, Thanks for your comment. I have not really followed the Alexa story. What did happen exactly?


SEO Company said...

i think google ranking matters more than alexa ranking.
because i am unable to detect the basic concept in alexa.
is it traffic or content or any other factor?
what u people think?


Anonymous said...

I do not know if Google updates the pagerank, but I already has over 1 years with a PR4, every time Google does not put it more difficult to attract visitors to our site, Google wants all the web traffic for them, is not just be left to compete and I am trying to get by with Google Adsense.Pero really earn a pittance if you have it 5 to attract more visitors.


Anonymous said...

It was time to upgrade Alexa, I pass from 1877345 to 1398445 very good result, I gradually improved but I think the owner is changing the Alexa aglorimito why has pulled about three weeks to update.

Good luck to all in the next update.


Xpresi Riau Pos said...

Ok.. now is April already..

Juan said...

I wait this update with great interest