Phishing Emails hit YSM and Google Adwords

Thursday, 17 April 2008

It happened before and probably many people are aware of it, but some phishing emails have hit Yahoo Search Marketing and Google Adwords in US and Australia.

What is it

Phishing emails or Spoofing emails aim at pretending to be an authority (Yahoo or Google) with the purpose of fraudulently collecting some private information such as passwords or credit cards details.

Beware of what you receive

The phishing emails targeting Yahoo Search Marketing in Australia, ask you to change your password by clicking on a link. The link actually redirects to a spoofed website that will collected your personal information.
In the US, the phishing emails ask you to renew your account and inform you that your account has been suspended and will be deleted if you do not provide your credit card details.

Some spoof emails targeting Google AdWords have also been received in Australia and United States using similar strategies. They ask you to update your billing information in order to re-activate your account.

Some people have been caught, the lucky ones had nothing, but others lost a bit of cash. So beware of what you receive and take your time before clicking on a link. In the doubt, double check with Yahoo or Google.

For more information, you can read Google's official tips on how to avoid getting hooked