TNX: A New Way to Buy Text Links

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Even if the use of paid links and link advertisment is getting more and more controvertial in 2008, the willingness to buy quality links is still present in the SEO community. Late 2007, a new player in the contextual advertising/ text link broker industry has emerged with a competitive offer.
In a short amount of time, TNX.Net has managed to generate a good online presence, get over 30,000 users and develop a network of 27 Million text links over 17 Million different web pages.

What is TNX

TNX is a text link broker. They have managed to develop a network of publishers willing to sell some text links on their pages in exchange of a reward. In the TNX case, the reward is in the form of points that can be sold or redeemed for some cash. TNX promote their offer to advertisers interested in buying text links from their network of websites. The TNX system manage the entire transaction process between the advertiser and the publisher.

What is great about TNX's offer

For the Advertisers

- The main advantage is to be able to buy a large amount of links at a low cost. With TNX's program you can get thousand of links for $10 /month, which makes it one of the most cost effective offer in the market.

- Advertisers can select websites based on a set of parameters that include: type of content, geography, number of Yahoo backlinks and Page Rank. This feature offers an effective way to make sure that text links are well placed.

- Advertisers' links can be integrated in a paragraph of text to bring more value and look less suspicious to Google's filters

- Advertisers can use different anchor text for their text links. This feature allows advertisers to target more than one keyword at a time and especially to look less suspicious to Google.

- TNX offers discounts up to 50% for SEO consultants and agencies.

For the Publishers

- As many other networks, the program is free to join for publishers.

- Publishers can maximise their revenues as TNX only charge a 12.5 % commission on transaction, which is one of the lowest in the market.

- Publishers can sell text links each page and therefore maximise the monetisation of their websites.

- The TNX program is more flexible than other paid links brokers. There is no PageRank or traffic requirements to join the prgram. TNX is therefore more open to smaller websites and blogs.

What is not so good about TNX

- Since October 2007, Google is actively working on detecting paid links that aim at passing some PageRank value. Google's webmasters guidelines clearly states that paid links should contains a 'nofollow' attribute and that link schemes will be penalised ( TNX does not use nofollow).
TNX has developed some clever features to avoid an easy detection from Google, but it is still on the edge of the giant guidelines. Any additional improvement of the Google alogorithm could result in TNX and its users (advertisers and publishers) to be penalised. Even if no major case has been identified, TNX users might be likely to be penalised in the future.

- TNX requires publishers to set up a code on their page. While not detectable at the moment, any improvement in Goolge alogrithm could easily detect the code and therefore penalise publishers.

- Advertisers can generate thousands of links at once, which can look a little bit suspicious too Google.

Overall TNX has a very attractive offer especially for small advertisers and publishers. Morevover, the entire TNX system has been designed wisely with a large range of features that make paid links a viable option in a link building strategy.
However TNX is at the mercy of Google's algorithm changes. Any improvement in paid links detection could have a dramatic impact on TNX and its users. As a result some caution is required.


Anonymous said...

So use it if you like living on the edge???

It sounds so tempting and for an advertiser, I'm really tempted to go for it but the risk of upsetting Google is too much for me...

Alban G. said...

Using such programs involves a little bit of risk and therefore it is important to measure the usefullness of it against your link building strategy.
The best way to avoid any penalty is to use the program wisely and with moderation.
If you create 10,000 links with the same anchor text, the risk is high, however if you create 200 links every month with a different anchor text, it is less likely to be flagged.