Article Submission: 11 Practical Tips

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Submitting articles to articles directories and archive is a popular and effective tactics to create quality links to your website. The main advantages of articles over directories are:

- More control over the choice of anchor text for your links.
- More than one link can be created in an article. You can therefore have more links and can even vary the anchor text you use.
- Links in articles are embedded in relevant content and therefore carry more value.

While valuable, the process of submitting articles is really time consuming and to be honest quite boring. Based on my experience with articles submission, I have gathered a few practical tips that have helped me saving quite a lot of time. I hope they will help you too.

1) Have your list of articles directories ready before you start.
This common sense, but if you have your list ready you will save so much time. When you create your list, make sure you gather enough information on the article directory such as Page Rank, guideline submission and login requirements. I would also advise to create a spreadsheet including a column where you can add the date your submitted the article.

2) Have a list of articles ready.

When you select the articles you want to use make sure to use article that content that match your website. Avoid using the content of your website but rather create fresh and original articles ( this will prevent from duplicate content issues). Avoid promotional only articles, but prefer articles that brind real content. I would suggest that you write or copy the article in a text file so that you can copy and paste into the submission forms.

3) Select your links wisely

Make sure you select your link wisely as they have to match with your SEO strategy.Do not overuse the same anchor text, but rather use varitions to maximise your results.

4) Think about resource boxes, author profiles and signatures

Many article directories do not allow link embedded in the body of the article. To avoid bad surprises, make sure you create some content for the resource box or signature where you can create links. Resource boxes and signatures usually allow up to 250 characters.

5) Create and author name, pen name
Most articles directories will ask you to set up an author profile to sign your articles. Most of the time you cannot use your company name, so I would advise that you either use your real name or an alias to sign your article. To make it easier, make sure you use the same author profile. That will save you time in the submission process and help you to find out how many of your articles have been indexed.

6) Use a specific email account for your submission

Using your usual email account is fine, but you will soon find out that you will receive quite a lot of confirmation emails that can quickly increase the size of your mail box. Moreover, it will be easier to track your submission with a specific email account.

7) Use an automated form software
The submission process requires you to load the same details over and over (name, email address, etc...). To save time filling in forms, I would advise to use a automated form submitter such a Roboform. The software store your information and fill in the form automatically with it!

8) Read Submission Guidelines
Articles directories have different guidelines. Some of them allow links in the body of the articles, other don't. Some allow more than one links, some other don't. To avoid having your article rejected, make sure you read the submission guidelines before.

9) Do not over submit similar articles

Make sure you do not over submit the same article. This could trigger the duplicate content filter and undermine your results. As a rule of thumb, I do not submit the same article more than 3 times. Another alternative is to change some of the content, title and links.

10) Do not over submit to similar directories

Submitting 10 articles to the same directory can also trigger some spam filter from search engines especially if the submissions are done at the same time. To avoid your links to be discounted, make sure you vary the directories you submit to and leave a couple of weeks between 2 submissions to the same directory.

11) Monitor your progress and be patient

Most articles directories require editorial review before publishing your article. This can take a couple of weeks so be patient. In the meantime, you can still monitor your progress and see how many articles have been indexed by search engines. For this, carry a search for the author name in quote (e.g. "author name"). You will find out how many of your articles have been indexed.


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Thanks dear for these good points I also remember these all when I submit the articles.

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Hey thanks, these tips are good for article submission. Article submission is the most important part for generating good back links. Here mentioned all the points I always use in article submission. Great Post!