Google Page Rank Update - July 2008

Friday, 25 July 2008

As expected at the end of April, the latest page rank update is currently running. The good thing about this update is that Google totally avoided the surprise effect. They kind of followed the "expected" timing of 3 months between two updates, and even Matt Cutts has posted an announcement on his blog. Is Google trying to be more transparent?

As per usual, a PageRank update brings its load of happiness and/or sadness. If your PageRank score has increased, it is always a good thing! Congratulations. If your PageRank has dropped, it is not the end of the world! If your traffic has not dropped, that is the most important thing at the end of the day.

At the moment the PageRank does not seems to be fully settled. SEO Tools such a SEO Quake or SEO For Firefox are going crazy as they change their figures every 5 mins so it might be wise to wait a couple of days to find out your final PageRank score.

It seems that SEO Sydney Blog will drop from PR4 to PR3 as few new links have been added since April 08. However, our search engine rankings have not changed and the traffic is has grown month by month.

Regarding the next PageRank prediction: End of October 2008


Unknown said...

This Google Update was very good for me. I got good PR for all my blogs :)

Anonymous said...

wah... my blog is stable. Same PR. But one of my Blog get PR 0 from 4 ( Gyaaaaa
I like how U said "Its not the end of the world" Yes.. I will try my best to get my PR back

Anonymous said...

Actually your post seems to be a little off track. As per this info from Matt Cutts ( )
at Google the updates are just a "snapshot" of page rank updated to display on the toolbar. The update doesn't change your actual rankings in google, as Google calculates and updates rank internally for it's onwn purposes on at least a daily basis, but only tells us about the updates less frequently

Alban G. said...

Thanks for your comment Matthew. It is always good to have readers feedback to improve the post.

I did not intend to correlate the Page Rank update and the search engine rankings. I am sorry if the sentence was not really clear:

However, our search engine rankings have not changed and the traffic is has grown month by month

I intended to say: In the last couple of month our search engine rankings have not changed and our traffic has grown.

Thanks again for pointing this out and adding more information.

Offshore Software Development said...

I have seen in seo forums that people are discussing about recent page rank update by google but i have not noticed any changes in my website please confirm if any page rank update has been done in month of june

Anonymous said...

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