Find your SEO Job on Linkedin

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Finding a SEO job in Australia is getting easier because the industry is more mainstream and the demand for skilled professionals is growing at a high rate. However, it is always better to hear about the best job opportunities as they arise. If you want to be the first to apply, you need to make sure that your job search skills are up to date.

In the previous post how to find a SEO job in Australia published last year, we discussed some of the ways to find your dream job including classified and jobs websites, digital recruitment agencies and SEO companies.

One thing we did not mention is Linkedin! In the last couple of weeks, I have received quite a few job offers from Linkedin without even searching... If you are looking for a job, this is definetly the place to be.

What is Linkedin
For those who do not know,LinkedIn is an online network of more than 25 million experienced professionals from around the world, representing 150 industries. It is basically like Facebook, but your profile is your resume and your "friends" are your collegues, professional relations, suppliers and more!
The great thing about Linkedin is that it is free and simple, you just need to create your profile and start "networking".

Few Tips to improve your job search on Linkedin

- Use the Job Function: Linkedin has a job function, use it! Just click on the job tab, enter you search criteria and discover all the job offers in your area.

- Keep your profile updated: In Linkedin, you profile is your resume, so if you want to look "attractive" to recruiters, make sure your profile is up to date with your latest information. Also make sure that you give enough information about what you do and did. Recommendations have a postive impact too.

- Join SEO Groups: Like Facebook, you can join a group on Linkedin. Joining a group allows you to connect with people in the industry. There are quite a few SEO groups, but I have noticed that SEO Australia and Linkedin SEO are particularly active.

- Link with Recruiters:A lot of recruiters use Linkedin to source new candidates. Make their job easier by contacting them in the first place. Even if they do not have a job at this time, you will be part of their network and they might contact you with other opportunities.

- Link with Suppliers, Contractors and more: The more people you are linked to, the more chances you get. Take up the habit of sending Linkedin requests to people you meet at meeting or elsewhere. One day it will be useful.

You might find that it takes a while before receiving job offers. Be patient and keep improving your profile and expanding your network it will soon pay off. Also if you have any good feel free to let us know!

Google digitalize the world with Google News Archive

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Earlier this week, Google has officially announced on their blog the beginning of a new initiative aiming at digitalizing old newspapers and make their content searchable through the Google News Archive program.

As mentioned on their blog, more than 200 years of quality content has been distributed in a print format, which is not available online. This represents billion of print pages with content that is currently not available. The amount of content on the internet is getting bigger every year but Google does not seem to want to wait for someone to put it online so they have taken the step forward and decided to do it themselves.
As part of this program, Google is partnering with newspapers publishers to get access to their archive, "digitalize" (scan) the content and make it indexable and searchable with OCR. All this at no cost!

Such initiative is great for newspaper publishers that want to increase the reach of their content and monetize it! Each piece of content, will be able to rank in Google News Archive. Each page of content will be served contextual ads as part of the Adsense program, and each click will bring revenue to the publisher! However the downfall is that they will lose the "hosting" of the content. Google do all the work for free, but do host all this content on their server and therefore do get all the traffic and part of the advertising revenue (fair enough!).

However, hypothetical issues could be search ranking cannibalization and duplicate content. If a publisher decide to publish online, one of its old article already in the Google News archive, who will be penalised for duplicate content? or will it be penalised at all?
Moreover, Google News Archive pages are highly likely to rank high for the keywords included in the content of the digitalized articles, which could at some point "compete" with existing content on the publisher website.

In summary, Google News Archive is great for the publishers as they can publish and monetize old content at no cost. It is also great for Google because they will be able to exclusively serve advertising to a very large range of highly searched content. The entire initiative still raise a few questions, which I am looking forward to get the answers!

Digital Bootcamp - Melbourne September 2008

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

B&T has created a one day event for those who want to develop their knowledge of the digital world. The event is called "Digital Bootcamp" and is hosted by Mike Walsh.
The event has already taken place in Brisbane (25 June), Perth (2nd July), Auckland (5th August) and is taking place today in Sydney (3rd September - Sorry for the late notice) .
The next date in the agenda is Melbourne on the 30th September at the BMW Edge, Federation Square.

Digital Bootcamp seems to be targeted to people with basic/medium knowledge of the digital world and will cover the following topics:

- Basic Terminology in the digital world
- How to make the most of Rich Media for advertising
- Get most out of Paid search
- Permission Marketing
- Mobile Marketing
- Analytics
- Social Networking

If you are in Melbourne and interested to attend, the cost of the event is $645.00 (including GST). To book go to the B&T website