5 SEO Jobs in Australia

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Global economic uncertainty seems to have an impact on the Australian job market. I have heard that a few companies have made some redundancies and economists predict 1 million unemployed by 2010. While it might not be the best time to look for a new job, it seems like the online industry has not been hit as much as other industries, probably due to the high accountability and better ROI than other marketing channels.

Well if you are looking for a job, there are still some great opportunities for both junior and senior.

SEO Consultant in Sydney: Great opportunity for a junior SEO professional, with a good understanding of SEO and HTML. Room for improvement. View the job ad

SEO Manager: Agency Role in Sydney, Surry Hills. $80 to $90 K package to manage a team of 3 SEO consultants. Min 2 to 3 years management experience. View the ad

Search Engine Analyst
: In House Role in the Melbourne office of Sensis Australia working for their flagship website The Trading Post. Great opportunity. View the Ad

Search & Content Manager
: In House Role for a Melbourne online publisher in the Sport wagering industry. Polyvalent role, which includes the management of SEO strategies as well as content strategy. Salary: $70,000. View the Ad

SEO Manager
: Agency role in the fringe of Sydney. Up to $95,000 package to manage a team of SEO specialists, working for blue chip clients. View the Ad

Web Analytics An Hour a Day - Book

Monday, 20 October 2008

Last time I went back to Europe, I needed a good book to keep me busy during the 24 hours flight. I bought the book Web Analytics - An Hour a Day by Avinash Kaushik thinking it will be good to spend some time on the best Analytics practices .

Working online, web analytics is one of the most valuable tool. Web Analytics is what connect your efforts with figures that business people understand (increased traffic, sales). For SEO, Web analytics is also particularly valuable to conduct gap analysis and have a better understanding of what content your users is interested in .

The thing with analytics packages is that they often do not come with the notice... They give you thousand of spreadsheet of data, plenty of metrics to look at, some pretty graph, but very often it is more overwhelming than helpful.
Web Analytics An Hour a Day actually gets rid of the complexity and offers a clear and step-by-step approach to understand your analytics data. It focuses on metrics that are connected to business needs and explain each of these metrics in depth, giving you the ability to create actionable dashboards.

From a blogger point of view, I particularly liked the refreshing approach that Avinash uses to measure the key success factors of a blog including:

- The Frequency and Raw Author Contribution
- The Unique Blog Readership (combining Unique visitors and Average Daily Feed Suscribers)
- The Conversation Rate defined by: Conversation Rate = (the number of comments + trackbacks during a time period)/Number of posts during that time period.
- The Technorati Rank
- The Cost of Blog Ownership
- The Return on Investment

Overall a great book that any person working online should read over and over!

SEO / SEM Consulting Services

Friday, 17 October 2008

SEO Sydney Blog offers cost-effective SEO/SEM Consulting Services to Small and Medium sized businesses interested in developing their business online.

SEO Consulting Services

We offer competitive and cost effective search engine optimisation (SEO) services to small and medium businesses.

Our methodology focuses on four critical steps:
1)Understand your business goals
2)Analyse your current online position and marketing efforts'
3)Develop a customized and cost effective SEO solution to reach your objectives.
4)Measure the results

Our range of SEO Consulting Services include:
- Competitive Analysis
- Keyword Research
- On-Page Optimisation
- Internal Linking Structure Optimisation
- Link Building
- Measurement & Analytics

To get a quote, please feel free to email us at seosydneyblog(at)gmail.com with the website URL and your contact details. We will get back to you in 2 business days.

SEM Consulting Services

We also offers cost-effective search engine marketing services for small and medium businesses interested in advertising their business in search engines.

Our range of SEM services include:
- Google Adwords/Yahoo Search Marketing Campaign Set up
- Keyword Research
- Copy-writting
- Landing Page Optimisation
- Campaign Development and Optimization
- Measurement

To get a quote, please feel free to email us at alban(at)seosydneyblog.com with the website URL and your contact details. We will get back to you in 2 business days.

About SEO Sydney Blog

The Blog

Since 2007, SEO Sydney Blog has been providing quality information about the search industry in Australia. Primarily posting on search engine optimisation news and analysis, SEO Sydney Blog offers resources for job seekers looking for a SEO/SEM position in the Australian market as well as recruiters.

Started on Blogger platform as a blogspot sub-domain (http://seo-sydney.blogspot.com) with a classic blogger template, SEO Sydney Blog has then evolved to a custom domain name (http://www.seosydneyblog.com) and a more contempory design.
Over its short life, SEO Sydney Blog has managed to constantly maintain and increase a loyal and active readership made of Australian and international internet professionals. SEO Sydney Blog has also been quoted in The Australian

The Author

SEO Sydney Blog is authored by Alban Guillemot, an internet marketing consultant. Originally from France, Alban has studied in England and Australia, where he graduated with a Master of Commerce specialising in E-Commerce.

After working as a product manager in the sporting goods industry in Europe, he moved to Sydney, Australia, where he has occupied various online marketing and search roles. Alban has worked in-house and in an agency, helping both large companies and SMEs to expand their business online

Alban is also the author of a thesis on How to export innovative software products online and a contributor on Global Thoughtz.

You can contact Alban via email:alban(at)seosydneyblog.com, Linkedin or Twitter

Search Engine Room - Sydney 2008 - Highlights - Part 1

Saturday, 11 October 2008

The Search Engine Room conference took place on Tuesday 7th October in Sydney at the Dockside, Darling Harbour gathering over 200 people around the theme of "Search and Beyond". After finding a bit of time to re-read my notes, here is a quick overview of what was discussed

What's the news in the online industry

The first part of the conference started with some industry trends with Foad Fadaghi and Michael Walmsley (Hitwise). No real surprises in these sessions, but it is always good to hear about the trends.
Both speakers emphasised on the growing share of social media in the industry landscape (only 14% of advertisers surveyed currently use social media marketing)and predictions of a slower growth in Paid search. The Paid Search segment should still reach $1 Billion in 2010 in Australia.
What was also interesting to hear is that many advertisers are "re-discovering" the power of SEO over paid search. 34% of advertisers surveyed have noticed an increase in cost in the paid search segment and are therefore looking for other approaches to get traffic. As SEO brings "free traffic", it makes more and more sense to advertisers.
A study conducted by Research International and Outrider also discussed some interesting trends about the origin of search traffic: People usually end up online after being exposed to an offline media. The most popular offline media that drive to the web are magazine (43%), television (42%) and word of mouth(41%).

Beyond Search: Social Media

Social Media should be the next big thing. Hitwise reported a 8.7% share of Australian traffic and social media display advertising has generated $40 Million in Australia in 2008. But it seems like the online players have not yet found the right monetization strategy,which slows down the adoption process.
Darren Rowse, from ProBlogger shared some interesting insights from his experience about social media. According to Darren, Problogger gets most of its traffic from social media. Basic SEO is essential, but most of Darren efforts are spent on content and social media, which seems to pay off quite well.
In a few words, Darren social media's strategy is based one of Chris Brogan Theory, where your website should be treated as your "homebase" and each social media profile you create would be treated as an "outpost". Based on the theory, you have to develop and expand your outposts which will bring traffic to your homebase (website). Pretty cool!

What about Mobile Search and the Iphone ?

What was quite surprising though is the lack of mention of mobile search and the Iphone. The only mention of the day was from Michael Wemsley who shared some of the first data collected by Hitwise from the Iphone users.
Based on the great adoption rate of the Iphone in other countries and the recent release of the device in Australia, it would have been great to know more on the topic...