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Friday, 17 October 2008

The Blog

Since 2007, SEO Sydney Blog has been providing quality information about the search industry in Australia. Primarily posting on search engine optimisation news and analysis, SEO Sydney Blog offers resources for job seekers looking for a SEO/SEM position in the Australian market as well as recruiters.

Started on Blogger platform as a blogspot sub-domain (http://seo-sydney.blogspot.com) with a classic blogger template, SEO Sydney Blog has then evolved to a custom domain name (http://www.seosydneyblog.com) and a more contempory design.
Over its short life, SEO Sydney Blog has managed to constantly maintain and increase a loyal and active readership made of Australian and international internet professionals. SEO Sydney Blog has also been quoted in The Australian

The Author

SEO Sydney Blog is authored by Alban Guillemot, an internet marketing consultant. Originally from France, Alban has studied in England and Australia, where he graduated with a Master of Commerce specialising in E-Commerce.

After working as a product manager in the sporting goods industry in Europe, he moved to Sydney, Australia, where he has occupied various online marketing and search roles. Alban has worked in-house and in an agency, helping both large companies and SMEs to expand their business online

Alban is also the author of a thesis on How to export innovative software products online and a contributor on Global Thoughtz.

You can contact Alban via email:alban(at)seosydneyblog.com, Linkedin or Twitter


Anonymous said...

Good luck to your SEO in Sydney. We are a webmaster. :)

Gary said...

Nice Website/Blog Alban! Great design and SEO tips.

Steve.W. said...

Hi Alban,
Just stumbled across your site today.
Its's great to have a Aussie site dedicated to SEO - should be more of it I say! I look forward to more great informative posts and tips from you guys.
All the best,

paul said...

Hi we are a leading online training company who currently outsource our seo. we are looking at bringing doing it inhouse. the questions I have is SEO, SEM, PPC management one position or many? Are our expectations to high?

Terry Davies said...

in answer to Paul, if you can't do all three (two actually), you can't do seo