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Monday, 20 October 2008

Last time I went back to Europe, I needed a good book to keep me busy during the 24 hours flight. I bought the book Web Analytics - An Hour a Day by Avinash Kaushik thinking it will be good to spend some time on the best Analytics practices .

Working online, web analytics is one of the most valuable tool. Web Analytics is what connect your efforts with figures that business people understand (increased traffic, sales). For SEO, Web analytics is also particularly valuable to conduct gap analysis and have a better understanding of what content your users is interested in .

The thing with analytics packages is that they often do not come with the notice... They give you thousand of spreadsheet of data, plenty of metrics to look at, some pretty graph, but very often it is more overwhelming than helpful.
Web Analytics An Hour a Day actually gets rid of the complexity and offers a clear and step-by-step approach to understand your analytics data. It focuses on metrics that are connected to business needs and explain each of these metrics in depth, giving you the ability to create actionable dashboards.

From a blogger point of view, I particularly liked the refreshing approach that Avinash uses to measure the key success factors of a blog including:

- The Frequency and Raw Author Contribution
- The Unique Blog Readership (combining Unique visitors and Average Daily Feed Suscribers)
- The Conversation Rate defined by: Conversation Rate = (the number of comments + trackbacks during a time period)/Number of posts during that time period.
- The Technorati Rank
- The Cost of Blog Ownership
- The Return on Investment

Overall a great book that any person working online should read over and over!


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