Google Analytics New Enterprise Level Features

Monday, 3 November 2008

On the 22nd October at the eMetric Summit in Washington, the Google Analytics team has released new enterprise-level features to Google Analytics.

The new features include:

1. User Interface refresh.
2. AdSense now integrated into GA. ( Private Beta - Invitation Only)
3. Advanced visualizations: Motion Charts!
4. Custom Reports!
5. Advanced Segmentation!!
6. The Google Analytics API. (Private Beta - Invitation Only)
7. Automatic importing of AdWords cost data into Urchin.

In Australia, I have noticed last week that the Custom Reporting and Advanced Segmentation have been released to most of my Google Analytics accounts (I have not seen the user interface refresh though. The user interface refresh has been launched a few days after advanced segmentation and custom reports).
These new features, usually included only in highly priced analytics packages,offer some pretty amazing opportunities to filter, correlate and analyse your website traffic according to the criteria that you choose.

Advanced Segmentation

Advanced Segmentation allows you to filter your traffic based on a set of standard metrics such as paid search visitors, new visitors or visits with transaction.
If you are looking at analysing the behaviour and action performed by your organic traffic, or the most popular pages seen by your visitors coming from paid search, just tick the box and click!
The Advanced Segmentation features also offer custom segmentation so that you can analyse segments based on your needs.
More info on Advanced Segmentation

Custom Reporting

Custom Reporting is also an invaluable tool that can easily give you so much information on your visitors. If you want to know how many visitors from Sydney have bought product XYZ in the last 2 days, you can very easily create a report using the drag and drop interface and get that information.

Except the fact that Google Analytics is free, the best thing about these new features is the easiness of use. In no time, with no training or deep knowledge of the software, you can pull actionable reports.
The Google Analytics team has definitely done a pretty good job. With features like these available for free in Google Analytics, high end packages such as Omniture will definitely have to lift up their game justify the high cost of their offer!