Google SearchWiki - The Impact on SEO

Monday, 24 November 2008

On November 20th, Google has officialy launched a new feature in their search results pages, called SearchWiki. Already, the new feature has generated quite a lot of buzz including positive and negative feedback.

What is SearchWiki?

SearchWiki is a Web 2.0 inspired functionality that allows signed-in Google users to customize and interact with the listings of the search result pages. Signed-in Google users can improve, remove, add and comment on listings in their Google search results page ( See the Search Engine Land 101 Guide to SearchWiki).

The changes in the rankings only apply to the user account, when he performs the same search and therefore have no known impact on the search engine results pages in the Google index. However the comments can be seen by any signed-in users who perform the same search and click on the "See all notes for this Searchwiki" at the bottom of the Google SERPs.

The Impact of SearchWiki on SEO

Even if the user modifications have no influence on the official Google listing, Google has not excluded the possibility of using the data collected ( all the comments, vote and addition are saved in your Google account) to improve the relevancy of their search engine rankings.
While there is not apparent plans of using user data in the near future, it looks like Google's long term plan is to include a social touch to their almighty algorithm...

Such change could have a tremendous impact on SEO as Google will become an human-algorithm-powered search engine, a sort of mix between the current Google search engine and Digg. Other search engines such as Irazoo have explored this concept in the past, but if Google follow this trend, the way we do SEO will change dramatically!
Relying on the traditional on-page optimization and link building might still get your website on the first page of the Google listing, but if the content, the design or anything else does not please the users, your website might drop into the lower pages.. The rules will definitely change; More importance will be given to the content quality, website usability and customer service effectiveness rather than the number of link and on-page factors.

OK it is a futuristic scenario! In the near future, SearchWiki is not likely to have a huge impact on search engine rankings. As mentioned by Danny Sullivan, one of the potential benefit is to have your website listed in the "See all notes for this SearchWiki" for your main keyword as well as generating comments that could influence internet users to visit your website... Except this, SearchWiki is at this stage a way to make Google more Web 2.0 and social media-ish!


Anonymous said...

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Tristan Boyd said...

This is a really interesting development, and it fit's with the philosophy that Google seems to be running with. I.e. Build good websites with original quality content.

I will be very interested to find out if they do start allowing this new data to effect rankings, and if they do, how will they stop the obvious potential for abusing the new system. (Which I bet has already started)

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