Google SEO Starter Guide Released

Sunday, 16 November 2008

On the 12th November, the Google Webmaster Team has released a 22 pages SEO Starter Guide, which explains the basic principles of SEO and give some guidelines on how to apply these principles.

The SEO Guide covers the following topics:

- Title Tags, Description Meta Tags
- Search Engine Friendly URL Structure
- Headings Tags
- Search Engine Friendly Navigation (Site Map)
- Quality Content
- Links Anchor Text + Nofollow attribute
- Image Tag optimistation with the Alt attribute
- Robots .txt File
- Analytics & Webmaster Tools

Overall the guide is quite interesting. The information is quite basic if you are are used to SEO, but would be really useful if you are a beginner. The guide includes plenty of real life examples and takes you through the most common SEO concepts in a friendly manner.
The only missing point is link building. While there is a little mention, it would have been great to hear Google's voice on it.
It is a good start though! Such initiatives could lead to more transparency from Google and maybe an Advanced SEO Guide later on!

Download the Google SEO Starter Guide


Anonymous said...

I have gone through the guide. It is a basic Of SEO in Goole.
Google released this because it wants to provide the most relevant results to the users. So, Google wants the site owner to improve their listing in google by this Guide...

Thanks for the post

SEO Company said...

thank you for sharing the link of Google starting optimization guide.