Sensis and Google Alliance: Maps & Search

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

On the 3rd November, Google Australia and Sensis have come to an agreement to offers users of Google Maps the ability to search the local business listings provided by Yellow Pages (part of Sensis).

The alliance is quite a smart move for both players. The Yellow Pages content is arguably one of the best and most exhaustive local business content in Australia, which should give Google Maps another competitive advantage.
For Yellow Pages (Sensis), the agreement comes at the right time to give a kick to Yellow Pages. According to the IAB/PriceWaterhouseCooper report for the third quarter of 2008, the share of online budget spent on classified has only grown by 2% compared to the same period in 2007, and the biggest players in the market: Seek and have not shown many signs of growth either. The agreement will potentially increase the reach of Yellow listings and should therefore increase their value.

The deal also includes search! Starting in January 2009, Sensis will serve Google Adsense Ads in combination with the ads served from the BidSmart program (Sensis owned PPC Advertising Network).

As mentioned in Search Engine Room, the newly developed alliance also put Yahoo and True Local ( on the side as Google was previously using True Local listings on Google Maps and Sensis was using Yahoo Search Marketing to provide search advertising ads. It is definitely a bad year for Yahoo!

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Anonymous said...

Sensis is floundering, and this is most prob its last gasp of air.

Google will ultimately be the winner.

I just remember a few months back when a Yellow Paages saleserson, was attempting to flog me a listing, and the pricing was atrocious.

Once the SME market twigs to the power of Google Local, within a year or two at themost, it will bye bye Sensis.

The ultimate winner will be Google and the Searcher, more data to paly with