Google Adwords Stimulus Offer

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Following Kevin Rudd's tax bonus, Google Australia has released its own "stimulus package" aimed at helping Australian small businesses driving more sales online.

The offer consists in a free $75 credits on any new Google Adwords account created. If you are an existing advertiser, the offer does not apply but you are eligible to a Special Master Class seminar to improve the performance of your campaign.

Even if Google's stimulus might be more targeted at increasing their customer base and generating good PR than a genuine act of charity toward Australian businesses ( read ITNews), it is still an interesting offer that many businesses will appreciate.

BTW: Yahoo Search Marketing is constantly offering a $50 credit on new account sign-up

Google Adwords New Interface (Beta)

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

In November last year, the Google Adwords team started testing a beta version of a new Google Adwords interface. The beta version was available to a few advertisers, but it has now been released to a wider audience including advertisers in the UK and Australia.

If you are an Adwords advertiser, you probably have received an email from Google or noticed a link at the top right hand corner of your account offering you to switch to the new interface.

According to Google, the new interface allows easier analysis, quicker editing and broader insights.

At first sight, I was surprised to see a strong resemblance with the Yahoo Search Marketing Panama platform, but I quickly started to enjoy it.

new google adwords interface (beta)

The new interface offers similar design features than Adwords Editor, which are quite pleasant. It allows to see all your ad groups data at once, which eliminates a lot of clicks and save quite a lot of time. Additional tabs and drop down menus have been added, which helps faster and more effective navigation. I also really liked the changes with negative keywords, which appear under a different section.

SEO SEM Business Development Manager Role - Sydney

Monday, 20 April 2009

This organisation is renowned as market leaders in the Search industry and are looking for people who are as passionate about SEM & SEO as they are, and who enjoy working with a team of people who understand that work should be fun!

We're looking for a driven Business Development Manager with a strong interest in digital media, online marketing & SEM & SEO.

You will be the Search guru for your target clients - presenting them with exciting and innovative ideas for online campaigns.


Proactively identify and pursue revenue-generating opportunities with both advertising agencies and direct clients
Develop relationships and help produce effective & innovative campaigns
Keep up to date with global/local online marketing Search trends & technologies
Work as part of a collaborative team and have fun!
Knowledge and experience:

The online media industry (Online marketing, Media, Search)
Demonstrated sales ability with a focus on business development
Demonstrated commitment to quality of client service.
Excellent written and oral communication skills
Demonstrated negotiation skills.

To apply for this opportunity please contact Brioney @ Xpand on (02) 9346 5205 or click here to send an email.

SEO Consultant Role - Sydney

Monday, 13 April 2009

This is your opportunity to join one of the most strategic, consultative Search agencies in Australia!! If you are part of the Search explosion then this is the company you want to be working for. Work on high profile websites and take ownership for their SEO strategy.


* Ensure high ranking through natural search on all search engines
* Develop and implement search engine optimization (SEO) strategy across the portfolio of sites to ensure priority ranking
* Provide clients with benchmarks, reports and analysis on traffic targets against business objectives for all online
marketing activities SEO, internal and external online advertising
* Provide input on new SEO / SEM strategies
* Report on traffic and business metrics
* Work on forecasting targets (impressions, clicks and UBs)
* Be a Search Innovator!!


* Demonstrated experience in SEO / SEM
* Strong analytical skills
* Client presentation / Proposal experience

To apply for this opportunity please contact Brioney @ Xpand on (02) 9346 5205 or click here to send an email

2009 SEO SEM Salary Survey Australia and New Zealand

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Last year, SEO Sydney Blog conducted a survey on the SEO SEM Salary in Australia and New Zealand. The survey was relatively successful and the results have generated a lot of positive feedback from SEO SEM professionals, recruitment agencies and recruiters.

In 2008 the Australian and New Zealand search industry has grown at a double digit rate. Agencies have expanded, more companies have integrated search in their marketing or IT departments and all this had an impact on the SEO SEM job market and salary.

To measure the differences between 2008 and 2009 we have decided to re-conduct the SEO SEM salary survey.
The survey is open to SEO and SEM professionals working in Australia and New Zealand and will run for 2 months. The survey is short (10 questions) and will only take you 5 mins to complete.
At the beginning of June, we will release and publish the results on SEO Sydney Blog.

If you are working in SEO or SEM, please feel free to take the survey and forward it to your friends or colleagues. Thanks for your support!


Google PageRank Update - April 2009

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

It has been 3 months since the latest Google PageRank update announced by Matt Cutts on December 31st. By the look of it, Google is running its latest update of the green bar.

Today, I have noticed some of my clients'PageRank going up, which is a great news. No PageRank drop so far. At the moment SEO Sydney Blog is stable at 3 but things could change over the next couple of days.

One interesting thing I have noticed over the last year, the updates are taking place at regular intervals (every 3 months). Couple of years before, the updates were a bit more unpredictable.

Based on the last year updates, it is highly likely that the next one will occur on July 1st 2009!