Affili@Syd 2009 Conference

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I attended the Affili@Syd 2009 conference yesterday (13th May 2009) at the Menzies. Organised by Viva9, Affili@Syd is the first conference focusing on performance online marketing and more specially on affiliate marketing in Australia.

For a premiere, the event was great. The room was packed with a good crowd of publishers, advertisers, agencies and affiliate marketers, the speakers including Jay Berkowitz , Lee Hopkins and Laurel Papworth delivered some pretty interesting stuff and the after drinks were lots of fun.

All sessions were really interesting, but I particularly liked the Willie Pang presentation on the new trends in search. I found it quite refreshing as he talked about search as a component of the marketing arsenal and how it need to be integrated with other channels to generate more results.
The Power Affiliate Panel including Craig Seitman, Roland Bleyer, Greg Simon and Tim Burrowes was also a highlight. These guys gave some really interesting insights on their work as affiliate marketers and their approach of ROI.

Another good thing worth mentioning is the event was well priced! $435 for a full day event with international speakers, is really good!

For more info on the event click here


Laurel Papworth said...

Thank you for your kind words :)
Laurel @SilkCharm