Find a Search Job within your Network

Thursday, 21 May 2009

“Seek and you shall find” is the slogan used by the popular job board attracting thousands of candidates each year and helping them to find employment. However in today’s complex economy you should be thinking “Network and you shall Work”.

Although many organizations and agencies are still looking for good search candidates, there have not been quite so many advertised job listings. So if the jobs are not posted live each day, how do you find them?

Networking is the key to finding any job, it is how I, as a recruiter, find the live opportunities for candidates and it is how candidates should be finding out of where the opportunities lie. Asking friends and colleagues is the first port of call, joining groups and associations is next, actually meeting people who have similar interests face to face and then you will start to find out where the real avenues to success are.

So how will knowing Shai, Alban or I benefit you?

Well when I have a live role to fill my first port of call is always my network, so if you are not in my network it will make it hard for me to let me know where the opportunities lie.
If you are in my network and an opportunity comes up I can keep you up to speed, even if it is not something I am working on as a recruiter.
If you are an organization looking for good search people, then there is a good chance I can locate you someone, who I already know to be successful and can add value to your business.

So if you are a candidate looking for a role please send your cv to

If you are working in search and want to be kept in the loop hit me up on linked in and join my network

Or if you would like to have a chat in person as a job seeker or an employer give me a shout on 02 9346 5232

Currently I am looking for a very Senior Search Candidate with a Technical Background who has moved into search in the past few years. Please send your resume to

Thanks again to Alban at SEO BLOG SYDNEY for partnering with Xpand to help all those working in the search industry Australia.