SEO Flash Games

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

In a day of hard work optimising websites, it is good to take a moment, relax and recharge your batteries. Spending 5 mins playing a good online game can do the trick (or make you even more stressed out).

I did a search the other day and found 3 SEO Games worth playing:

Game 1
The name is not really original, but the game is quite fun. It is a Mario Bros-like game, where you need to collect things and destroy enemies ( PDAs and Router) by jumping on them.
Click here to play this game

Game 2
This one is the most creative and fun. Your mission is to win the spam war by fighting different characters including Mr Redirect, Cloaking Monster, Link Farmer and Hidden Text Kid. The referee for the matches is Matt Cutts!
Click Here to play this game

Game 3

This game is not too related to SEO, but is quite addictive. It is basically the flash version of the Wire Buzzer game.
Click here to play this game