SEO Sydney Blog Welcomes New Contributors

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Over the past 2 years, we have noticed a large interest for information on employment and recruitment in the SEO/SEM industry such as tips to find a SEO/SEM job, salary surveys and job offers.

We have developed the Australian SEO SEM Salary Survey as well as a job board, but we have decided to move to the next step by teaming up with Shai Roitman and Ronan Mahon, two recruitment experts from Xpand, one of Australasia's leading digital media recruitment agencies.

Shai is a senior account manager specialising in digital, media and marketing recruitment. Based in Melbourne, Shai is a passionate consultant with over 3 years experience in the industry. More on Shai Roitman

Ronan Mahon is based in Sydney. He is a digital, media and marketing account manager with Xpand. Ronan has extensive experience in the advertising, entertainment and digital media industry. More on Ronan Mahon

Shai and Ronan will start posting next week with fresh SEO/SEM jobs offers, tips and plenty of information to help you find a great job (if you are a job seeker) or a brilliant candidate (if you are a recruiter).

Please give these guys a warm welcome!


Unknown said...

Welcome Shai and Ronan, looking forward in reading posts. Cheers to you guys!

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