Employment Trends in SEO – Where is the industry heading in Oz.....

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

I have finally succumbed – got all my courage together and ready to put my opinions out there for you all to judge....

Over the past three years I have noticed a number of changes within the search industry – SEO is really starting to get noticed – Last year it was all about PPC, but now I have noticed some subtle but interesting shifts...

Firstly in Asia we are predominantly recruiting SEO candidates who have experience managing large PPC campaigns and this trend has been happening for some time now.

I believe that the reason for this is due to PPC being the quickest way to generate traffic and is therefore the initial strategy undertaken when launching any campaign however it seems that over time as a SEO strategy is implemented and run, PPC then becomes less valuable and SEO becomes the more beneficial strategy used to drive traffic to a site.

Also on a side note the other reason maybe that the search market in Asia is a lot more mature, competitive and established and this sees some PPC campaigns specifically with large organisations set up some time ago running their course and needing only slight tweaks, reporting, analysis and set up for minor campaigns being the only other requirements. I am already seeing this with a number of large publishers whom Xpand work with here in Australia.

Finally, web sites are valuing SEO as a long term strategy as rankings remain long after a campaign ends and because studies have shown that SEO is viewed as more credible than PPC.

However don’t get me wrong, I love PPC and value what it allows businesses to achieve in a short space of time and for various marketing campaigns they are running.

But what does this mean for you?

I highly suggest that you continue working if you are not already with PPC and get qualified but at the same time continue to focus on getting involved with as many large SEO projects as possible where you are dealing with a number of internal stakeholders as this is what clients of mine are specifically looking for.... I’ll elaborate next time...

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Unknown said...

I see this trend as well, with SEO coming out of the shadows and leaving the disingenuous 'black art' misnomer behind.

Businesses/Companies are seeing the true ROI and value that organic search can provide and the number of in-house vacancies is increasing accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Fair points, but I think this pattern of behaviour is also a factor:

1 - Company employs a search marketing agency for SEO and/or PPC

2 - Results prove encouraging (hopefully) with solid ROI

3 - The value of search marketing proven, it makes economic sense to recruit an in-house specialist. But usually there'd be limited headcount therefore it makes sense to take on a multi-skilled in-houser

Any good search marketer these days needs the technical skills to run integrated paid and organic campaigns.

Dan Harris said...

@ Mr Aidan Beanland

I so agree with you. Personally, I prefer working with a marketing agency, such as WAAM - We're all About Marketing. They take care of SEO, but also work on all the other marketing. So, in my opinion, this is more cost-effective and efficient than hiring someone, just responsible for SEO.

Alban G. said...

Thanks for your contributions. Outsourcing or In-house have different advantages and drawbacks. Finding the best solution (cost-effective and efficient) highly depends on your business and needs.

I have noticed that many businesses are bringing these functions in-house as a cost saving alternative, but in many cases agencies can be cost effective too

Dafydd said...

I have to say that if your company can afford and justify an in house SEO/SEM/SMO etc then they should do it.

Search marketing is all about relevancy and an agency simply cannot become as intimately involved in a company's business as a full time employee. The diversity and subtlety of potential money phrases in both organic and paid search will often be missed by an external company.

Also effective management of external contractors for the many different types and levels of SEO and social jobs are often not addressed properly by a non-specialist SEO agency who attempt to do everything in house.

A major issue with search marketing is that once an agency delivers results and those results show a decent ROI the company usually gets complacent in their expectations and subsequently the agency then just maintains its efforts.

Advanced search marketing is all about the use of analytics and the refinement of campaigns using those analytics to drive testing. Unless you have someone in house driving the search strategy and crunching the numbers (or showing others what numbers to crunch) you will always be leaving money on the table.

If your company cannot afford or justify in house specialists then at the very least you need to train a current member of staff in search marketing 101. The theory is not rocket science but the design, implementation and management of an organic, paid and social strategy integrated with offline campaigns can be.

At the very least they need to be Adwords and analytics qualified and be able to rank a website for a series of related low competition key phrases.

An investment of 6 months and couple of thousand dollars would provide you with a member of staff that can question and engage with an agency and avoid common problems and campaign complacency.