Live SEO Roles in Melbourne

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

I hope all is well. It was good to see the results of the SEO Survey! What jumped out at me was that average salaries and experience have increased… however there seems to still be some individuals being paid less than their skills are worth.

I currently have two live roles working for two completely different clients.

One role is live with a well established search business and start date will be in the next four weeks while the other role is with a start-up which has an all star director line up from some of the major publishers.

The first role will see you working with a large and one of the most switched-on teams of organic and paid search specialists being hands-on in end to end SEO projects; whether this role is contract or perm is still undecided but previously contractors have had the opportunity to go permanent at the end of their tenure as this company continues to win new business and tries to manage this demand.

The second role is client side; I’m looking for someone who can manage a team both locally and remotely, set up templates, liaise with clients and just be the person that anything SEO can be resolved with. Start date is likely to be end of August / start of September

With both roles Im looking for passionate search consultants. If these roles do not suit you but you are interested in being represented in the market now or in the future, feel free to get in touch as at Xpand we prefer to be proactive with client and candidate needs.

You can find me in the following locations:


Phone: 03 8637 7316



After Bush, French President Sarkozy got Google Bombed

Monday, 27 July 2009

Recently French president Nicolas Sarkozy has been Google Bombed. If you type "Trou du cul du web" (translated: Arsehole of the Web) on, the official website of Nicolas Sarkozy comes up:

The act of Google Bombing aims at raising the ranking of one page by creating a large amount of links with a specific anchor text (often for political reason). The practice is not new. Back in 2005, George Bush got bombed and ranked first for the phrase "Miserable Failure".

According to the French media, Sarkozy's Google Bombing is the result of a webmaster coalition, which created a relatively important number of links with the anchor text "trou du cul du web" pointing to the offical Sarokozy's website (
This time, Google has been quick to release comments explaining that the incident does not reflect the company opinion and is the result of an algorithm abuse.

In January 2007 Google defused the embarrasing Bush bomb thanks to a change in their algorithms , which aimed at returning commentary, discussions and articles about Googlebombs rather than the "victim" website.
Looking at Sarkozy's case, it seems like they still have a bit of work to do.

2009 SEO and SEM Salary Survey - Australia & New Zealand - The Results

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Since April 2009 we have been running the second Australian and New Zealand SEO SEM Salary survey. We have finally collected enough responses, analysed the data and created a presentation to display the results.

The document displayed below outlines the key findings of the survey and is available for download here. You will notice that the analysis is quite basic, but we are planning on releasing a more advanced report (including correlations) in a couple of weeks.

Also I would like to thank everyone who took part in the survey. Your support is greatly appreciated and I hope you will enjoy the results

Facebook Customised URL - A wise SEO move

Friday, 3 July 2009

After allowing search engines to index over 30 Million profiles in September 2007,Facebook has made an other interesting move in terms of SEO.

Since June 13th, Facebook offers you to customise your Facebook profile URL with your username rather than the less than user/search engine friendly profile ID (see below)

This new feature will definitely improve the rankings of user profiles and will therefore make it easier for online users searching for people to find what they are looking for.
For Facebook, it is a strategic move to attract more traffic from search engines and to compete more effectively against Google Profiles, Twitter, Linkedin and other social media.

Google PageRank Update - June 2009

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Most of you probably already know, but Google has performed its latest PageRank update on June 25th. This update seems a little early based on previous predictions.

The last two updates actually occured with an exact 3 month interval. The June update is a few days early (but who cares...)

SEO Sydney Blog has remained stable with a PR of 3.